Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: Regina, Served!

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Regina is about to get totally served on Once Upon a Time.

In one of two new clips from this Sunday's "The Stranger," we see a newly-freed and confident Mary Margaret approach her rival on the street. Is there any animosity for Regina's attempt at framing the former for murder?

Nope. Just pity. Perfectly-worded, deeply-cutting pity. It's a great scene.

Check it out now, along with the official Once Upon a Time promo for this installment, and then, as always, visit TV Fanatic soon after it concludes for a detailed review.

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Stand up to her like that! And so classy too


Im pretty sure there is a clip somewhere or maybe in the preview where David pulls away and says "what are you doing?"


Oh my God! Can't wait to see that episode. I loved how MM was all confident and able to stand up to Regina. It seems like a little of Snow White is emerging from her.


What is this? I couldn't even stomach to watch that entire 2nd preview it made me want to vomit. I hope the writers aren't going down that road because that will make me stop watching


Aww, Regina you are the most perfectly messed up character ever. You just have to make Mary Margaret hate you again because you can't bear anything else, can you?


Yep, it's bad.
Shipping Regina and David is sickly. Fandom scares me.
Regina has ruined his life, his wife, his daugther' life. Almost killed his beloved lady....and you ship them?
I like Mary sneak, I hate David/Regina sneak. I fell as I'm watching a cheap soap opera, I cant believe writers are gonna do this awful chliche.
So depressed with Storybrooke....characters are boring and plots are awful.
I love fairy tale land


Oh you gotta be effing kidding me...


is it bad that i feel sorry and think that she deserves to love David ? Mary Margaret can find somebody else.

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