Ringer Review: Beware of the Sleepy Time Tea

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"If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It" featured Catherine doing anything but getting over it. In fact, she embraced her evil bitch persona with gusto.

If anyone thought that after last week's Ringer episode Catherine was going to lick her wounds and slink away, they were woefully mistaken. Instead Catherine inflicted more wounds... on herself.

About Tyler...

That was such a great scene as Catherine clung to Andrew, swearing that she just wanted to explain things to Juliet as we saw the blood dripping down her arms, onto Andrew's shirt. That's when I began to understand just how broken Catherine was. Well, almost.

I couldn't help but feel for Juliet. The poor kid was being pulled along on her mother's emotional roller coaster ride. With all of the lies and deception she couldn't even trust that this was a real suicide attempt. 

Then to have Catherine confess that she never really wanted kids and that when she and Andrew divorced, she gave Juliet to her father because she knew he loved her more. Ouch! 

And in one of the great Ringer quotes that inspired the episode title, Juliet told her mother:

If you're sick, I want you to get better but if you're just an evil bitch, then get over it. | permalink

I knew that Catherine had hired the hit on Siobhan but somehow that didn't seem quite as twisted as personally handing her the sleepy time tea. Never take a drink from strangers or crazy evil bitches.

On the other side of town, Henry was getting hauled off to jail. Lesson to be learned? Don't cheat on your wife when her husband is rich and vengeful. Tim was out to destroy Henry and Siobhan and I didn't really blame him, especially after what these two put poor Gemma through. They deserve a little torture.

Again, Bridget and Siobhan got closer to coming face-to-face but honestly I knew it wasn't going to happen so it didn't hold much suspense. That said I'm sure we'll get that scene before the season's over.

Agent Machado might be on suspension but he's doing as much investigating as ever. He even found the man Bridget shot and killed stuffed in a freezer. Who knew he'd end up being Bridget's ally once again, even if he doesn't realize it.

As we wait for next week, do you think Andrew, Juliet, or Machado will be able to save Bridget? I honestly don't believe she's in mortal danger, but I do believe it will go down to the final minutes of her survival. Siobhan looks like she's about to have those twins any day now. And again... what the heck happened to Malcolm? What's your theory?


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this episode was ok until the last like 30minutes and it got interesting. Catherine is pathetic and she needs to get over andrew, he belongs to "siobhan" now. I liked the scene between bridget and andrew when they talked about making things easier for juliet, it just goes to show how much great parents they are and how they really care for her. They are really, truly and family. Ill be sad to see siobhan try to take it all from her, she deserves them. Kinda gettting fed up with the lack of intimacy between andrew and bridget, i mean seriously, aren't they married? Siobhan is just...sigh, there are no words for her. Everything she does is just wrong. Her hate for bridet is severely misplaced and just doesnt make sense. Henry is... progressing, i feel bad he lost his kids, but its not like he didnt desreve worst daddy of the year award. Can't wait to see what arbogast does to soibhan(the real one) and henry, those two duochbags deserve it for all the bull they put gemma, and everyone else for the matter, through


awesome episode but one huuuuge plot hole really bugged me: Henry is hold at the police station for murder, the maid even strenghtens that claim and stuff and then.. he's released to go home? seriously? I am indeed sorry for Juliet but letting that crazy bitch of a Mom staying with them was dumb.
If I try to put myself into her situation I would have sent her into the institution right away BECAUSE it would be the best for her (and in fact anyone)

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