The Finder Review: Real Music Never Dies

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The Finder hit a high note this week as Walter and company ventured their way into the music industry to find the source of illegally released, lost tracks of a late rapper.

If there's one thing we learned this hour, it's that there's "Life After Death" in the music industry, as if we didn't already know that after the losses of Whitney Houston and many others in the past few years.

50 Cent on The Finder

Lucky for The Finder, this week's music theme lent itself to a pretty sweet soundtrack for the show. I think this is the most non-instrumental ambiance we've ever had, and it really added another layer to the episode.

So did the guest appearance of 50 Cent. That's certainly not one I would have expected, but he certainly fit the role of music mogul like no other rapper probably could. His acting skills aren't too shabby either.

I was very much intrigued by the part of the plot that included Athena, allegedly a former love interest of Leo's. I never tire of learning a little bit more about these characters each episode, and it's even more fun to watch Walter attempt to look out for Leo. He pretty much got Leo caught up with a killer this time!

It was quite the surprise that Athena was sort of the mastermind behind the death of J-Stryke. Then again, who in their right mind would really consider getting shot to be a good way to accumulate money? It just doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

Then again, neither does asking your younger brother to be the one to pull the trigger. Poor Tray, that's quite a burden to carry, especially for something that should have never happened in the first place.It's clear the burden really was weighing on him, especially since it lead to his drinking problem. I hope he take the opportunity to work with the record label and gets his life back on track.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Walter attempting to speak in the hip-hop vernacular.
  • Everyone strongly encouraging him not to do so.
  • Walter and Willa's outdoor lights and sounds experiment. It was a very cool addition to the episode.
  • More props to the sounds behind the sights. Wish we could get a discography for this hour.

Happy to have The Finder back? I know I am!


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I always enjoy Walter's funny, amazing way to find the target. Especially this episode, I agree with that the sounds was nice and wish to get a discography.


this series is so entertaining. I love the actors, the writing, the sets and it's overall ambience. I have my fingers crossed for renewal and hope that Fridays are the magic timeslot. Fine episode. Not a big fan of hip hop but Walter makes everything enjoyable.


ok NOW i am officially hoping that they will renew this show. this ep was great


This was the first epi I've seen of the finder and have to say I quite enjoyed it! Walter cracked me up abd I love mdc, hes got the most amazing smile! I didnt know 50cent could act! He should guest star more often. The dream sequence was something else tho, is that a normal part of the show? It was neat


Diamondlife I imagine it is because they are given a preview copy of shows. The finder is excellent on the basis that it's just simply good fun to watch, hope it is renewed.


Totally agree! A fantastic episode from every angle. Love this show. Only thing confusing me is
HOW your review was posted before the show even aired?

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