The Vampire Diaries Review: Forwood and Backward

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Forget Alaric Saltzman. Following "Heart of Darkness," another Vampire Diaries episode that teased a decision between brothers by a certain ever-oscillating heroine, it's clear who is actually schizophrenic on this show:

Isn't that right, Elena Gilbert?

Delena Alert!

We're as confused as you are, Damon.

It really is aggravating that she continues to go back and forth. If she wants to make like Kelly Taylor and choose herself over either romantic option, that's fine. If she wants to play it safe and go with Stefan, more power to her. If she wants to follow her heart, as dangerous as it may be, and go with Damon, fantastic.


Yes, it's hard. We've all been there. Okay, we haven't all been stuck between a pair of smoldering, blood-sucking brothers, one of whom has hair that belongs in the Smithsonian and another whose smirk should be classified as a lethal weapon - but we have all had to make tough choices in our love life.

And, more often than not, the person at whom you are staring at before falling asleep, and the person you essentially attack on a hotel balcony, is the person you truly want to be with. Elena seems to know this. Stefan clearly know it. Damon mostly knows it. And viewers most definitely know it. Heck, even Rose the ghost knows it!

(Tangent: she sure was annoying, wasn't she? First, it's been made clear that ghosts in general do not work on this show. Second, we've been watching for almost three seasons now, thank you. We really didn't need Rose to spell out for Jeremy/us exactly why Elena is so torn and exactly what each brother does for her. Less obvious exposition, please, TVD. Have some faith in the viewers' intelligence here.)

So it's hard not to get the impression that Julie Plec and company - as much as I have to trust their decision making, based on over two seasons of enthralling action - are simply drawing out Elena's big decision until the season finale.

And that would be acceptable if the series were giving her something to do in the meantime. But her entire storyline these days is based around this love triangle and, I'm sorry, but it's growing tiresome.

Elena in Pain

Unfortunately, the grating love bug didn't merely bite Elena and Damon this week. It even sank its claws into Caroline and Tyler.

Yes, even after some seriously (seriously!) wild and hot sex, all it took was Tyler catching sight of Klaus' drawing for him to find someplace else to crash. Do I buy he'd have questions? Absolutely. Do I think Caroline should have explained all the weird Klaus wooing that went on for a couple weeks there? Yes.

But, based on the clear feelings that exist between these two (see sex, wild and hot), I find it hard to believe that one piece of (admittedly decent) art would send Tyler packing. Is TVD really going to drag this romance out as well? Must we really see Forwood moving backward? I'm all for Tyler getting angry at Klaus for trying to make a move, but Caroline never gave in and I could do without this contrived drama.

Sigh. Deep breath. Yes, I had issues with the romantic interludes throughout "Heart of Darkness."

Fortunately, everything revolving around Alaric and Dark-laric was a winner. Matt Davis continues to have a blast taking on his alternate persona, as the confrontation between he and Stefan was legitimately intense. The blood spewed. Stefan's thirst intensified. The taunts escalated.

It was fun stuff, and revealing, too. Alaric really is a good guy, one who wrestles with his failure as a vampire hunter, especially when you consider the fates of his wife and of Jenna.

And the end? Now we're on to something! I've been saying for awhile that season three is missing that hook, that ongoing arc that drives everything and everyone toward the finale. But Dark-laric and Esther teaming up? Against both the Originals and the Salvatores? With Tyler caught in between the bloodline battles?

Lines are being drawn, sides are becoming more clear, daggers are being discovered and- with just three episodes remaining - we have a better idea now where it's all headed. Someplace where not everyone can come out alive, that's for sure.

What did everyone else think? Are you sympathetic toward Elena or do you wanna pull out all her straight brown hair? Weigh in now and then get your first look at next week's "Do Not Go Gentle."


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Bill I completely agree with you about everything u said about Damon this is why Elena cannot be with damon he killed Jeremy granted he didn't die bc of the ring but that doesn't matter!!! N when Elena got all bitchy with Tyler saying he couldn't be trusted and blah blah blah because of something he couldn't control I was just thinking u stupid hypocritical bitch! I honestly can't stand elena anymore she started out very strong and independent and wasn't going to wait around for a guy and now she's a self centered hypocrit who doesn't do anything but complain and whine and everyone just bends over backwards for her... One of the reasons I love Tyler so much is he's not in love with Elena! Caroline should be the main character of this show!


Forgot to add: the kissing scene is fantastic - beautifully acted, illuminated and cut. Perfectly done, and the music is 100% right.


I really liked the last episode, unlike those before... finally some real development, plot-like and character. I feel the triangle Damon/Elena/Stefan is really well handled and now openly burning for the first time in 3 seasons. For me it just feels right that Elena can`t make a decision yet - she is right to be concerned over Damon`s tendency to act out (even though he has himself much better under control now), and I get that there are still a lot of feelings for Stefan.
Rose`s speech in the car to Jeremy was cheesy, but felt organic for her - she was really close to Damon and got to see a lot of his good side in a short time. He did a lot for her while she was dying. I totally get why she has a sweet spot for him and by talking to Jeremy she really had a chance to help him. I get why she is rooting for him!


Damon the bad boy. He "kills" Elena's brother just to scare the crap out of her. He kills Stefan's best friend and mentor just to appear to the sheriff that he is a vampire hunter. He sleeps with women left and right, including Rebekah as he longs for Elena, and enjoys the fact that Elena finds out about it. He has killed about a dozen or so people, mostly women since he has been in Mystic Falls and not because anyone compelled him or anything an Original did to him. He was just hungry and liked making humans suffer. Now he is once again screwing his brother over by getting with Elena, after Stefan went through holy hell to save his life (bet he's about to regret doing that, big time). Yes, female Delena shippers,you really know how to pick'em. Damon may be a complete scumbag, but he looks great with his shirt off and has that killer smirk. Now if he just slapped Elena around now and then just to keep her in line, he would be the perfect boyfriend, right?



Kitanishi h mcdonald

she'll choose no one just like every loser does.
How is that "loser thing to do"? EVERY competent and independent female should and WILL place herself above the male romances or submission. Thats something ELENA failed to do REPEATEDLY for 66 episodes. She is defined by her relationship she does not have her own personality she is not independent, nor interesting.


i havent seen any of the new episolds on the vampire diaries i would some updates sent to my google+ page
i would enjoy that alot


I keep seeing these comments about how older looking Stefan is compared to Damon. I find that kind of strange, given that Ian Somrhalder is 33 and Paul Wesley is only 29. Nina Dobrev is the "baby" of the love triangle. She turned 23 last January.


First of all let me say how much I love reading your reviews...they crack me up! I loved the episode however and I think I have rewound the Damon and Elena scenes about 20xs so far. I'm sure us Delena fans won't get what we've waited for for so long now....she'll choose no one just like every loser does. But the twist w/Esther now taking over Rebekka's body..that was awesome! And I'd still love to see a Caroline and Klaus hook always takes a woman to soften even the baddest of boys!


I personally did get aggravated by both couples' problems last night as well! Give me a break! Especially where Christine & Taylor are concerned. Couldn't they just be happy for once? As for Elena, I can understand her inner-struggle, but I think as soon as Damon spotted her watching him and he laid down in bed by her, and he reached for her hand, that should have been it!

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Elena: Why don't you ever let anyone see the good in you?
Damon: When people see good they expect good. And I don't wanna live up to anyone's expectations.

You're good Stefan again. You're in control. You might get the girl, but you lose the edge.


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