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Touch returned this week, leaving me feeling both hopeful and confused. Where last week's episode tugged at my heart, "Lost and Found" left me with some serious questions.

Not that the hour didn't have its heart warming moments. Martin's dream had me longing for the guy to get just one hug from his son.

Martin and Clea's search to find her mother and the lost boy definitely drove the center of the story. The one thing I didn't understand was why Clea let her mother run off if she thought for even a moment that the woman may have abducted a child. Would it have been that difficult to follow her? But I suppose the story would have wrapped up a lot quicker if she had.

I liked how Clea said that her mother agreed to go back to the hospital for today. That was a victory. There's no way of telling what tomorrow will bring.

Held Up on Touch

Or if there will be one. At first I didn't think the plane crash was real. It appeared like some sort of strange dream when Will unbuckled from the seat and wandered away. His journey from the crash site back to his office and the building still makes little sense to me even though it obviously tied to Martin and Clea's story. I've decided to chalk it up to the mystical side of Touch and leave it at that.

I loved how the IOU on the business card ended up meaning so much more than anyone expected. It meant that a piece of Will lives on and that means so much more than what happens to an old building.

Teller's story was what confused me the most. So he found the Amelia sequence when he was diagnosed with a brain aneurism? In a strange Touch quote he described the experience like this...

It was as if I wasn't a body anymore. As if I was one with everything. | permalink

So was Teller delusional due to a neurological event or did it help him see the connections? Who the heck is Amelia and why would he think she's still in the mysterious room #6? And was the director just protecting her facility from a crazy man who snuck in or did she really have something to hide?

One of my biggest problems with the entire premise has been that I've always found it hard to believe that the State would threaten to institutionalize a child who has a loving, involved parent who wants him and has the money to provide help. My impression was that the system's overwhelmed by children who have nobody.

Perhaps I'm wrong or maybe it's just TV and I need to suspend my disbelief and just go with it.

Is Teller dead? Where the heck is Amelia and what does this sequence of numbers mean? Looks like we'll just have to wait and hope that another episode of Touch reveals some answers.


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I loved this episode. Not only were the numbers and connections lovely to watch, but this time the stage was set for future episodes. Who are THEY ? What is Teller up to? Can't wait to find out more!


Press X to Jake


I cant bring myself to watch this mess again but can't help but wounder how many times Sutherland yelled "Jake" is this one knowing he would not get and answer from this blank faced kid.


Yes but it's all of those questions that have us intrigued and will make us need to come back for more. I really enjoyed Lost and Found!


As a former family lawyer i can vouch that, though all you wrote about the system is true, it is precisely these sorts of situations where children are threatened with removal. Sort of a "once in a blue moon" sort of thing. Add in an evil facility director and you've got me worried.


"Jack" worked in a "Damn it". Seemed like old times...

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