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I generally feel that one of the weaknesses of Touch is that it has too many moving pieces for a one hour drama, but I'll give credit where it's due.

"Kite Strings" made all of the stories come together in a way that last week's episode didn't. It also brought back characters we haven't seen since the pilot.

I'll admit that I knew the man sitting outside of the church looked familiar but I didn't recall that he was the lottery winner until he started speaking to Pastor Steve. I liked that his meeting with Martin in the premiere didn't bring him complete closure. It made sense that it would be an ongoing journey. 

Remembering the Past

Pastor Steve was a standout for me. It was great to see a Pastor who admitted he didn't have answers. That he was just as confused and lost as everybody else.  Somehow I found that both interesting and comforting.

However, I did groan a bit when I saw the Iraq storyline. I wasn't sold on Abdul's arc the first time around and I wasn't thrilled we were revisiting the character. That said, no matter how silly the blown out amp and exploding transformer seemed, I liked that it eventually led to Laura's phone call to Pastor Steve. I especially liked it since Laura had one of my favorite Touch quotes:

Laura: You can get anywhere you want, one footstep at a time. | permalink

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the journey when we really need to just keep moving forward.

In some ways Martin and Jake are attempting to do just that. Jake's evaluation at the board-and-care facility could end up being a good thing for both of them... or at least that's my hope.

Martin's letter from the Chief Medical Examiner was heartbreaking. It's been so long and yet he still couldn't get the closure he craved. It did make sense that even in this day and age, sometimes there just isn't enough DNA there for testing. I can't imagine the tedious, painstaking work that must have gone into trying to identify all of those victims. How many families out there never got definitive answers?

Unfortunately, there was one thing that was a little annoying. Martin continued to chase Jake, asking questions that Jake couldn't answer... at least not with words.  Although I understood why it had to play that way, watching it week after week has gotten a bit tiresome but I don't have any answers on how to fix it.

Jake reaching for that kite was simply scary. I was holding my breath as he teetered on the fire escape. 

I did feel for Bobby's wife. Imagine coming home to find a strange boy locking himself in one of your rooms and finding out that your husband named your daughter after a woman you've never met or heard about before. That's a pretty big secret to keep.

My favorite part was Martin finding his wife's wedding ring. I found it hard to believe that the jewelry store would still have it after over a decade but perhaps they just put it on a shelf and didn't have the heart to remove it. The 1 + 1 = 3 finally made perfect sense. Once Jake came along, Martin and Sarah became a family. It was a beautiful lovely inscription that sold me on the entire episode.

Again, Jake, Martin and their story were the episode highlight. I hope we see more of them and less of the secondary story lines in the future.


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*can do it right


That was a great episode! I loved every single story and i apreciate the fact that we're revisiting characters of the previous episodes. Going back to find out about more about Sarah's past was very interesting...I really hope we get to know more about Sarah and the family the way it used to be in general. We might get to find clues about what led to Jake having his gift.
I understand what some people are saying about Jake's ability not been explored. I would like his patern of thinking to be somehow explained...But maybe the script writers don't feel confident yet to follow that route... So until they can't do it right, i don't mind waiting.


I've been looking for somebody to answer this question and this seems like the best place. How does the cell phone from episode one which I believe was used as a bomb and almost explode ... come back to the morticians (japanese girls) in episode 3 who passed it on to the girl at the dance competition? Correct me if my info is wrong. I remember that simon lost his phone at the airport which Martin encountered, it went to Dublin where Kayla was and then to the japanese girls, who went back to tokyo and eventually sent it to the bomb-ers.


I really enjoyed this episode. I loved the fleshing out of previous characters and I'm beginning to feel like there's a lot of story that we just haven't seen yet that will make it all make sense. The fact, that Jake sees how the past, present and future intersect gives the writers leeway to tell non-linear stories. For example, I believe there will be a reason that the Japanese girl's ended up with the phone in the last episode. I love the story of father and son. Martin, (Kiefer) is unbelievably real in this. For those of you who rail on about him constantly saying "jake", What would you suggest? He knows that Jake can hear him and he's trying to get him to react. As his understanding of how to communicate increases, I'm pretty sure the Jake's will lessen. The ancillary stories worked beautifully in this episode and the "look" of the show is amazing! Can't wait for the next piece of the puzzle!


I am getting tired of the Martin character yelling Jake! Jake! Jake! so often - especially since Jake never reacts to being called anyways. The other irritant for me is hearing Kiefer do his rapid heavy breathing thing - that should really be controlled more by the sound techs.


I think the only reason this thing is still on is because Sutherland is on it. What a waste of a good actors talent. This has no place to go.


In all, for me, this is a splendid show. I thought Keifer in a Vee-necked sweater AND tie was almost too much, but Martin is not Jack Bauer. It's great to see the range of this great actor (I'm a long-time fan of Keifer AND Donald Sutherland), and the reason I started watching this show. Bravo, and can't wait until next week.


(cont.) OK, I wish this forum didn't cut off remarks in mid-sentence or at least give a warning that you have too many characters..... To continue what I was saying: Strangely, as Martin and others heal on this show from the fallout of 09/11, I find myself coming to terms with it as well. It's nice that it's not the be-all, end-all of the show, but is touched upon as needed, and not overblown.


This episode last night was a "5 stars" for me. There were things that needed to be addressed that were, quite successfully. The thread with the lottery winner was super, and it made total sense. I think we'll still see more of him in the future. It's nice that some things from the pilot are still resonating and being worked on as far as resolution. And as far as Martin running after Jake trying to talk to him, what's a father to do? Of course he will do that, even if he *knows* he won't get an "answer", that's his son, and that is what a father does, so even though we might get a little weary of the repetition, it does make sense; that's just what a father does. (LOL at the drinking game idea, though!!) I almost thought the 1+1=3 on the band meant she was pregnant again, but now I believe that inital thought was wrong. It would break my heart, and Martin's, if Sarah was pregnant when she died on 09/11. Strangely, as Martin and others heal on this show from the fallout of 09/11, I find myself coming to terms with it as well. It's nice that it's not the be-all, end-all of the show, but is touched upon as needed, and not overblown.


I was anxious to see this series start. After watching the first episode, I was sure it would be even more interesting as I learned the intricate workings of Jake's mathmatical mind. Unfortunately, after numerous episodes, there are no intricacies. No development of the number pattern theme. Just an uninspired obsession with one number. They could just as easily have portrayed Jake as a child wizard or any number of fantasy characters. What are supposed to be mathematically connected happenings are mostly coincidences with no real, or even very imaginary, connection. Lacking the imagination to develop the number theme, the writers had to do something to make you feel overwhelmed by Jake's mind. They chose to envelope you in a tangle of far-to-many disjointed sub-plots. Far from weaving a beautiful tapestry of events, the sub-plots are more like a gnarley tangle of barbed wire. This, and other underdeveloped elements of the show, will limit it's longevity. Already people are weary of the calling for "Jake" every two minutes. Running all over town to appease his son's obsession is one thing, but how many more months will pass before dad and the professional child care counselor learn to keep him from almost killing himself? As loveable as dad is becoming, the show is more about Jake. Instead of becoming more attached to him, I am becoming more distant. That may be how it is with an autistic child that is not yours, but then I don't have to raise him or watch his show. If I am expected to voluntarily tune in for the next several years, I expect some connection to develop with the main character. After weeks of this I am beginning to resent having this kid in my life. The connection between him and numbers is uninspiring. The connection with him personally, even less so. Dad needs a vacation from this, and now so do I.

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I wanted to be able to look up in the sky and know where Sarah was when the buildings came down.


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