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I generally feel that one of the weaknesses of Touch is that it has too many moving pieces for a one hour drama, but I'll give credit where it's due.

"Kite Strings" made all of the stories come together in a way that last week's episode didn't. It also brought back characters we haven't seen since the pilot.

I'll admit that I knew the man sitting outside of the church looked familiar but I didn't recall that he was the lottery winner until he started speaking to Pastor Steve. I liked that his meeting with Martin in the premiere didn't bring him complete closure. It made sense that it would be an ongoing journey. 

Remembering the Past

Pastor Steve was a standout for me. It was great to see a Pastor who admitted he didn't have answers. That he was just as confused and lost as everybody else.  Somehow I found that both interesting and comforting.

However, I did groan a bit when I saw the Iraq storyline. I wasn't sold on Abdul's arc the first time around and I wasn't thrilled we were revisiting the character. That said, no matter how silly the blown out amp and exploding transformer seemed, I liked that it eventually led to Laura's phone call to Pastor Steve. I especially liked it since Laura had one of my favorite Touch quotes:

Laura: You can get anywhere you want, one footstep at a time. | permalink

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the journey when we really need to just keep moving forward.

In some ways Martin and Jake are attempting to do just that. Jake's evaluation at the board-and-care facility could end up being a good thing for both of them... or at least that's my hope.

Martin's letter from the Chief Medical Examiner was heartbreaking. It's been so long and yet he still couldn't get the closure he craved. It did make sense that even in this day and age, sometimes there just isn't enough DNA there for testing. I can't imagine the tedious, painstaking work that must have gone into trying to identify all of those victims. How many families out there never got definitive answers?

Unfortunately, there was one thing that was a little annoying. Martin continued to chase Jake, asking questions that Jake couldn't answer... at least not with words.  Although I understood why it had to play that way, watching it week after week has gotten a bit tiresome but I don't have any answers on how to fix it.

Jake reaching for that kite was simply scary. I was holding my breath as he teetered on the fire escape. 

I did feel for Bobby's wife. Imagine coming home to find a strange boy locking himself in one of your rooms and finding out that your husband named your daughter after a woman you've never met or heard about before. That's a pretty big secret to keep.

My favorite part was Martin finding his wife's wedding ring. I found it hard to believe that the jewelry store would still have it after over a decade but perhaps they just put it on a shelf and didn't have the heart to remove it. The 1 + 1 = 3 finally made perfect sense. Once Jake came along, Martin and Sarah became a family. It was a beautiful lovely inscription that sold me on the entire episode.

Again, Jake, Martin and their story were the episode highlight. I hope we see more of them and less of the secondary story lines in the future.


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Martin calling out for Jake isn't as annoying to me than when Jacob screams his head off if touched, writers should make the storylines where the kid actually talks instead of just in the beginning of the show, that'll be the season finale, Jake finally speaks, who else bets that'll happen.


Decent episode. I too was glad, that the wife wasn't messing around on Martin. I thought that's where the story was headed but was happy to see it didnt end up there. The scene with the ring at the end was beautiful. Martin finally got some closure, a piece of her to remember. I really like this show a lot. Its nice to see something that is heartfelt and touching, no pun intended, week after week. I still think Jake wins hands down over Carl from Walking Dead when it comes to roaming around free of parental supervision.


Does anyone know the name of the actress who played the Jewelry store sales lady? I am going crazy trying to figure out where I have seen her before...... thank you......


If there was a drinking game where you take a shot whenever Martin says, "Jake!!", by the end of the episode you'll have full blown alcohol poisoning. The kid is not gonna answer you...this is not news! I'm glad you mentioned how grating that's been bugging me since the last episode. Other than that, I enjoyed this episode. I liked all the stories, and I REALLY liked the pastor. He was humble and real. I think the best part was Martin getting to learn a little more about his wife - and I was REALLY glad that they didn't go down the "distant-husband-wife-has-affair" route. He's a devoted father whose job took him away, but he loved his wife, and I'm really glad that their relationship was solid in spite of the distance. So rare on television.

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