True Blood Season 5: The First Trailer!

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HBO took advantage of the many eyeballs tuning in for last night's Game of Thrones season 2 premiere to unveil the first official trailer for the upcoming season of True Blood.

While earlier True Blood teasers had simply taken us through empty houses and reminded viewers of past actions that had taken place there, the following 30-second video is all about the future. What's ahead?

Sookie digging a grave (for her best friend?). Jessica getting her make out on. A body being dragged. A major explosion. And an ominous voiceover that tells us: We were created in God's flesh, not humans, and their flesh shall nourish yours. Who is speaking these words? No character with whom I'm familiar.

Watch and listen for yourself, and start the countdown for June...

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omg i cant wait for next season.


Who is kissing? It seems Jessica...but who is the guy?


That WAS NOT long enough............can't wait till June.


LOL that was funny... the actor's name is Christopher Heyerdahl :P


That is, indeed, the same actor that plays The Swede on Hell on Wheels--he will be playing The Authority, last I remember reading. (His RL name is


The VoiceOver sounds like it is The Swede from hell on wheels. But I could be wrong.


The problem with this vision is as we know the writers are prepared to use dream sequences to catch us out. They've cried (were)wolf one too many times so who knows what is "real" in this sequence?


To me the trailer didn't give in anything about the plot? What is the bigger picture in season 5?


Jessica, she jumped in front of Sookie because she was willing to take a bullet for her family.. that is love, not her not caring about dieing. We saw her fight to live in season 3, she wants to live, but if given the chance to save her friend from being murdered she was willing to give it all up. I don't believe she is dead..when being made vampire you have to be buried with your maker.. it could be that, or they could be burying debbie (who is lieing without a head in sookie's kitchen as well) True Bloods trailers are notorious for giving one impression when something else entirely is taking place. What I want to know is why the hell Jason would invite Rev Newlin (is that how you spell it) in the house, unless ofcourse he was glamoured to. I hope that voiceover is Christopher Meloni.. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, since we already know he's playing some high vampire guy, I'll have to listen again to see if i can hear it. CAN'T WAIT FOR JUNE!!!


Tara Is dead...
Dont worry tho, she will be with Eggs, and Gran, he zuse (Jesus I think is spelling)
She can help protect from the "other side" (and talk to) Lafayette so she's not Gone.
She had a messed up life anyway. She didn't care about dying. That's why she jumped in front of sook.
I'm sooo glad sookie shot that b!tch Debbie finally.

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