TV Ratings Report: Season Lows for Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie

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Monday marked another poor night for The CW, as both Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie tied season lows in the 18-49-year old demographic. Will this be a season two death sentence for the latter?

Diana and Chuck

8 p.m.
The Voice: 10.1 million viewers
Dancing with the Stars: 17.3 million
Bones: 7.2 million
How I Met Your Mother rerun: 4.8 million/2 Broke Girls rerun: 5.2 million
Gossip Girl: 1 million

9 p.m.
House: 6.5 million
Two and a Half Men rerun: 6.6 million/Mike & Molly rerun: 6 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.2 million

10 p.m.
20/20: 10.9 million
Smash: 6.1 million
Hawaii Five-0 rerun: 7.6 million

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I really like heart of dixi, I hope they renew it for next year!


Bad love triangles that make the heroines look pathetic or clueless are killing these shows. Why do showrunners do it? Because it became the 'in' thing? Maybe because it's actually much more difficult and requires more talent to write a compelling show with one main pairing. BUT, when writers can do it, their show has better longevity (more seasons, higher DVD sales after the series ends). I'm not against a triangle here and there for a few episodes to up the angst factor. But these triangles that go on for seasons and divide fans so deeply and viciously, well, kinda bumming me out. I've stopped watching many CW shows b/c of this. Other networks are handling scripted shows better these days.


I think HoD has a lot of potential, so I can only hope it'll get renewed so it can work out some of the kinks by (for example) focusing on realistic and consistent characterization and storyline continuity and developing more "serious" storylines in addition to the funny/fun stuff. Not to mention, the CW advertises it horribly. The relatively few commercials I actually see for it all make the show look ridiculous and usually tell viewers absolutely nothing about the upcoming episode. I wouldn't tune in either, if I hadn't given it a chance one time. Between that and the random, long hiatuses, do they actually want people to watch their network?


I couldn't even watch last night. Both GG and Hart of Dixie were blacked-out by baseball.


I. Want. This


Every time I see Gossip Girl spiraling down, I can't help but think "why does The CW even bother anymore?". I understand that it's their show and has been since The WB and UPN formed, but this shows ratings are hardly generating anything for this channel. I get the other ways of which they make money and still do have some loyal fans, but it's gotten under a million viewers at least 3 times. The demo just keeps going down. The cast are basically at each others throats according to reports. Not to mention, most fans who loved it have had enough. I still tune in for Dair and Ivy, but other then that, the show is just downright lacking the writing it. Losing Jenny and Vanessa has just damaged this show horribly.