Veep Series Premiere: What Did You Think?

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Earlier this week, I shared my thoughts on Veep, the new HBO sitcom that premiered tonight.

Simply put, it's my favorite new comedy of the season, blending political satire with the sort of shenanigans seen on the best days of The Office. It's quick, it's witty, it's relevant and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is, well, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Veep Cast Pic

So now that it's aired for all to see, I wanna know your thoughts, TV Fanatic.

Grade the series premiere of Veep:

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Entertaining but ordinary.


I found the premier entertaining, nothing special but I'll check it out again next week. That being said, the ultimate joke about this show isn't the show itself but the fact that the people being portrayed probably act like this in real life. All those people working for the VEEP are disgusting, greedy self-loathing individuals who could care less about anything other than their next paycheck. This could probably pass for a reality show.

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