Anger Management Sneak Peeks: Stop Banging, Charlie!

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Anger is an ugly mistress.
Maybe you should stop banging her.

So Anger Management guest star Brian Austin tells Charlie Sheen's therapist in one of the following clips, which provide our first real look at the actor's comeback sitcom. Green portrays the boyfriend of Sheen's ex, played by Shawnee Smith. Watch now:

Elsewhere, it feels a lot like Two and a Half Men when Sheen's character explains one of the key rules to being a therapist:

And, finally, would it really be a Charlie Sheen sitcom without the appearance of a scantily-clad female?

Anger Management premieres June 28 on FX.

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I'm looking forward to it. Not just for Charlie, but for the supporting cast as well.


Oh Michael..bitter much, aside the part where he drinks a beer i don't see too much Two and a Half Men vibe in these clips..and i see several seasons, don't worry..ah and enjoy Two and a Half Men new version, ecrtainly more your cup of each his own, some has taste some other don't..


So basic they are ripping of two and half man I give these show at least one season maybe a half


Seems really fun although i am still not fan of laugh track but Sheen still has his charisma, charm and likeability on-screen, i will watch.


LOVE it.. :D

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