CBS, The Big Bang Theory Atop 2011-2012 Ratings

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For the ninth time in 10 years, CBS has been crowned the most-watched network in the country, with The Big Bang Theory anchoring a powerful lineup by finishing first in the advertiser-friendly 18-49-year old demographic.

The Big Bang Theory Trio

Other long-running progams weren't as fortunate.

American Idol lost about six million viewers per week, and was not the most-viewed show on television for the first time in eight years; while Dancing with the Stars fell by approximately four million per week.

Here's a look at the top 10 most popular shows, based on total number of weekly viewers, for the past television season:

  1. NBC Sunday Night Football: 20.7 million weekly average
  2. American Idol performance shows: 19.7 million
  3. NCIS: 19.5 million
  4. American Idol results show: 18 million
  5. Dancing with the Stars performance shows: 18 million
  6. NCIS Los Angeles: 16 million
  7. Dancing with the Stars results show: 16 million
  8. The Big Bang Theory: 16 million
  9. The Voice: 15.8 million
  10. Two and a Half Men: 15 million

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No wonder Idol is down since Simon left the show. TBBT has a great writing crew and casting crew. Even in Asia TBBT holds the major popularity and all the other shows in the list is not watched by them.


I have a feeling that next year, NCIS will finally reign supreme over Idol. And god knows NCIS and the NCIS family deserve every bit of it. Personally, I want to see Idol fall for good. It ruins ratings on much more entertaining and emotionally involved shows that air simultaneously. And by shows, I mean the Vampire Diaries.


Other than TBBT, I feel very sad about that list. Seriously, no wonder amazing shows get cancelled when Dancing with the stars is on a list like that.

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