CW Show-Down: Which New Show Looks Best?

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A new doctor. A confused teenager. A vengeful comic book hero. A possibly deranged TV star. A beauty. And a beast.

The 2012-2013 CW schedule is filled with five new dramas, three of which will debut in October; two in January. With a set of new promos just released by the network, let's revisit each and gauge TV Fanatic reaction...


EMILY OWENS, M.D.: The network's answer to Grey's Anatomy, featuring Mamie Gummer as a doctor fresh out of medical school, narrating/navigating a life full of embarrassments and obstacles.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Based on the Candace Bushnell novel, tells the story of a pre-Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw, living a high school life in 1980s New York.

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ARROW: Star Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, the comic book character presumed dead by friends and family, only to return with new skills and a new mission in life.

CULT: Asks whether murders are being committed by a culprit copying storylines from a famous show-within-the-show. Stars Matt Davis (Vampire Diaries).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: A homicide detective unites with a mysterious stranger who saved her life nine years ago and is living in secrecy for a reason we learn about on the pilot.


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: First World War Letters from Harold McGill to Emma Griffis, published by the Glenbow Museum. They seem to have just fhnisied all the letters this week, after two years.


I cannot decide for Carrie's diary because I have not yet seen the preview. But Arrow, B&B and Emily Owens I will be looking forward to.


Arrow, of course. Looks dark, gritty, action-filled... a show for adults. Not interested in more shows about romance and love triangle. Cult looks interesting as well (plus, I want Alona Tal back on my screen), but I haven't seen enough of it yet to make even a pre-judgment.


ARROW and B&B I'm most excited for..:)


I will put Cult and arrow on mt to watch list. I like Matt Davis and Jessica Lucas so I'll give Cult a try. And Oliver Queen is a favorite Comic character of mine, so I'm hoping they don't ruin the story with a bad show. Here's hoping.
The rest of the shows look like complete junk to me. I won't waste my time with any of them.


Seriously? All of these shows look terrible. They probably wouldn't if they weren't on the CW but with that we already know what to expect, especially with the Carrie Diaries. I for one am not going to watch it. I loves SATC but that's exactly the reason why I don't want to watch it. It's going to be a lame Gossip Girl-esque show and all is bubbly and colourful and sooo American Sweetheart. No thanks. And a fake Grey's Anatomy? Sorry, but I'd rather watch the original on ABC. Not gonna watch any of these.


arrow is the best new show for cw unlike carrie diaries,cult,emily blah blah,pathetic lame show,i mean seriously carrie diaries,who still obsessed sex and the city at dis time,stupid lame show,just hate carrie diaries so much!!and wat pathetic emily owens doctor drama is just so lame!!F U CW

Anna maria

They all seem terrible.. I can't believe they cancelled ringer and the secret circle for any of these! Especially ringer!


In the Carrie Diaries book young Carrie doesn't live in ny! will they change it for the show? It mill change the story completely, because her dream was going there and becoming a writer!


Uuuuhh how about NONE of them!! Only Arrow seems watch-worthy, and that's gonna be downloaded! Matt Davis needs to return to TVD!! Shitty CW, cancel Ringer for these waste shows! That Grey's Anatomy bootleg is gonna cut and I can't wait! Beauty and the Beast looks TRASH!!

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