CW Show-Down: Which New Show Looks Best?

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A new doctor. A confused teenager. A vengeful comic book hero. A possibly deranged TV star. A beauty. And a beast.

The 2012-2013 CW schedule is filled with five new dramas, three of which will debut in October; two in January. With a set of new promos just released by the network, let's revisit each and gauge TV Fanatic reaction...


EMILY OWENS, M.D.: The network's answer to Grey's Anatomy, featuring Mamie Gummer as a doctor fresh out of medical school, narrating/navigating a life full of embarrassments and obstacles.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Based on the Candace Bushnell novel, tells the story of a pre-Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw, living a high school life in 1980s New York.

Carrie Diaries Promo Pic

ARROW: Star Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, the comic book character presumed dead by friends and family, only to return with new skills and a new mission in life.

CULT: Asks whether murders are being committed by a culprit copying storylines from a famous show-within-the-show. Stars Matt Davis (Vampire Diaries).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: A homicide detective unites with a mysterious stranger who saved her life nine years ago and is living in secrecy for a reason we learn about on the pilot.


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Arrow seems like the best out of them all to be honest.


I'm torn between watching cult to see Matt Davis and not watching it in hopes of cancellation so the writers can somehow bring Alaric Saltzman back from the dead on TVD. I don't care what mythology rules it breaks, I'll tolerate anything to get Alaric and Team Badass back.


I gotta say, they all look good. I'm excited for every single one of them. Hopefully The CW can start climbing up the stairs from the ratings basement onto the main floor.


I WANT THE SECRET CIRCLE BACK ONLY!!!! Screw u cw, I'm watching the vampire diaries online, not on ur site either.
All of these show seem ridiculous, I mean seriously, the secret circle is even written by the same author as the vampire diaries, I know guys (yes, males) that watch the secret circle, not the vampire diaries, and people worldwide (like, for example, Iraq, Sweden, Mexico....) I want to sit and watch my two favorite shows every Thursday from 8-10 and so do the people that made the secret circle a top tweet the day of the finale.


Beauty and the Beast could have been good, but this trailer shows they messed things up. I hope that its better than the promo or its gonna go the same way as The Secret Circle.
Emily Owens MD could be good but I feel Mammie Gummer has the same expressions in all her shows. Each and every expression she makes in this trailer is exactly like the expressions she makes when she plays Nancy Krauser in The Good Wife. Will have to wait for a trailer or the pilot to make final judgement.


Oh and I just want to say, Mamie Gummer is great I've seen her in other stuff but this Emily Owens thing looks beneath her but hey, if your Merryl Streep's daughter, you have a lot to live up to.


CW is smart, they know who their market is. They don't pay those researchers for nothin'. Emily Owens is to play off the Grey's An. fans and those that find awkwardness attractive/endearing. Carrie Dairies is for the die hard Sex in the City fans and they get away with it because Anna-Sophia Robb is such a cutie. Arrow is for those that liked Smallville and trying to grasp a little of the Avenger's fandom. Cult is the thriller/ attempt at mind fuck. Beauty and the Beast for the Twihard fans who enjoy watching fanged men push girls out of the way of moving transportation devices. Except, they've done one better, they've up-ed the attractiveness of the leads and threw in a classic Disney favorite for the basic concept. Now are any of these concepts original? God no but they are marketable.


Arrow, maybe, although it was hard to see what was going on in the preview. The lead for Emily MD seems annoying, but maybe it will be funny. I don't think they should have canceled Ringer for any of these shows.


CW put Ringer back. NO offense but these new shows seem like they suck!!


I can't believe The Secret Circle got cancelled to make room for these crappy shows.. Sigh..

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