Fox Renews Touch, Axes Alcatraz and The Finder

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Shortly after picking up five new shows for the 2012-2013 season, including a comedy from Mindy Kaling and a drama starring Kevin Bacon, Fox has announced a couple other fall schedule decisions:

Touch has been renewed. Alcatraz and The Finder have been canceled.

Marty and Jake

Touch, which features Kiefer Sutherland as the father of a gifted, silent boy, joins Bones and Fringe as dramas that have been picked up new seasons.

The Finder, meanwhile, will air what will now be a series finale tomorrow night.

These were really the only three shows remaining on the Fox bubble, as the network will unveil its official fall/winter schedule on Monday in New York City.

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PLEASE DON'T CANCEL THE FINDER!!!! I can't believe Fox is canceling this funny and original show - the characters and storyline are interesting and it's one of the only (maybe THE only) show that does not sexualize the female teenager --- one


Why did you cancel the Finder? It was a great show! Why do networks always take the good shows off and replace them with inappropriate shows that do not provide any entertainment value.


Alcatraz was an AWESOME show, great CAST and really interesting story line, how could they cancel such a great show, fans would love another season, many questions are unanswered, Alcatraz was one of the BEST shows, we really loved it.


why did you cancel the finder i loved that show!! why did fox renew touch it wasn't very good at all!!


why the hell did u cancel the Finder, that show was amazing, you guys fail at life.


Don't be foolish. The Finder is great tv! The world needs The hour of escape the show offers.


rest of my comment:
5 CANCEL IMMEDIATELY anything that does not meet the above criteria As long as you watch this bilge you are just as bad as the greedy souless ones that shovel it out IMO of course


TV Today:
1 Trashy "reality shows" which look like stupid human videos (edited of course to uphold the network's low standards)
2 Anything cheap to produce with no social or moral value
3 Bring back old "stars" from previous shows that no one watched because if people will watch infomercials/reality TV/Etc they will watch anything/no matter if the cast looks like the walking dead
4 BY NO MEANS PRODUCE ANYTHING OF VALUE (by the time we cover the screen with our logo/commercials for other crappy shows won"t need any real sponsors


Bring back The Finder, it's a great show, the only 2 shows I watch are The Finder and Bones, please don't cancel it, I would hate to cancel fox off my list of channels I watch, can't believe you are doing this .


Fox has really screwed up cancelling The Finder. Best show I've seen in years.