Hatfields & McCoys Makes Cable Ratings History

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Part one of the Hatfields & McCoys mini-series made history for The History Channel last night.

The western-based drama - starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as the feuding heads of two real-life, post-Civil War families - drew a (non-sports) cable ratings record of 13.9 million viewers on Memorial Day Eve.

Hatfields & McCoys Poster

“With all the success we have had at History, we felt strongly for some time that we should own historical drama, and in true History fashion, we have done it, with – pardon the pun – guns a-blazin!” said network president Nancy Dubuc in a statement. “We couldn’t be more proud of the entire cast and crew … from Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Mare Winningham, Powers Boothe, Tom Berenger, and everyone involved in truly making history!”

Hatfields & McCoys airs Part Two and Part Three tonight and tomorrow night at 9/8c. You can read our exclusive interview with star Lindsay Pulsipher now to get an idea of what's in store.

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    This is an epic work. Like Lonesome Dove and Roots, it is timeless and will continue long after other crap is forgotten. Cast unreal. Music unreal.
    So unreal it was like going back in time and watching it in person.

    Bill Paxton is an actors' actor. The best. Berringer was good here as he was in platoon. Unreal how he creates people out of himself. All cast astoundingly good.

    Best thing: Kevin Costner is just getting better and better looking with natural age. Sean Connery did that too. It is a joy to behold! So sad everyone can't do the same, huh?

    Thank you to all who made this possible. It is awesome.

    I doubt anyone will read this but at least I'm trying to show my appreciation!


    The director, full cast and crew, everyone-you did a fantastic job! The story followed the Historical truth in the time allotted for TV. I would love to see more shows offered like the H&M's. Great Job!


    All i gotta say is that the McCoys were at fault for this matter. Yeah, Johnnsy Hatfield should have behaved with the young gal from Mccoys group. Nuff said on that. BUT, after that, when the three of em killed Devil Anse's brother at that get together, Well, who would not have done what ended up happening? Too bad they were such crappy shots in episode 3. I mean with all that ammo shot. You would have thought that the field would have been covered with dead....


    The series was excellent. Great performances.


    DVRd the mini series for myself. My son (he's 10) was very excited to see the previews in the months leading up to Premiere. My question is; Would it be appropriate for him to view it with me? Opinions? THoughts?




    The best epic series I have seen in my life time well done I agree with tom it is more the the god father in the mountains, it was a fact that has happened in america, well done..


    Exelente film... I'm Mexican national and this is one of the parts of history that I'd have missed through out all this years I'd have lived in this country.
    Very educative.


    Really well done. Tom Berenger is excellant --- you can almost smell the characters through the screen. Tough life, tough people.


    This was the best mini-series that I have seen in years. I tuned in to the encore to catch the beginning again. It was so well done. I hope that directors, producers and writers learn from this series that Great TV is still possible, if they use a good foundation like the team from The Hatfield's & McCoy's. This is why it is making history with advertising and viewership. People know a great thing when they see it. My hats off to Kevin Costner for getting behind this to produce and star in. It shows that he still has what it takes to maintain his movie star status in Hollywood.

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