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Wow! Quite the shocking cliffhanger to this season of Law & Order: SVU.

"Rhodium Nights" began as an intriguing probe into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of an underage escort at a bachelor party with an elite guest list. Over the course of the episode, the drama and suspense rose as the detectives targeted a prolific New York madame, and then started to figure out why she'd stayed out of trouble for so long.

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The initial investigation into the death of the escort was a little slow, but it wasn't long before the bachelor, the police commissioner's son, turned over a video of the evening's events, and high-profile news reporter Clayton Hannigan admitted to moving the body out of his bedroom and into the pool. Even though there were secret service agents and sports stars at the party, they're involvement wasn't nearly as detrimental to the case as the root cause of all this trouble - a turf war between two escort services.

Benson was quite frustrated with Cragen's delicacy in handling the case, especially when he suggested it might just be passed off to another department or even the DA's office where it would quietly go away. Benson has always believed in treating everyone (including cops, but only those she doesn't personally work with) equal under the law, and Cragen usually backs her way of thinking. Why was he being so tentative about this case?

It turns out, Cragen is being set up. At first, he is given a vague warning when someone slips pictures of him undercover with a Russian mail-order bride. He takes the message to heart, but doesn't really have his detectives back off quite yet.

Things get much worse after his detectives bust Delia Wilson for running a prostitution ring and continue to investigate her involvement in the death of a former governor. Carissa, one of the girls working for Delia's rival Ganzel, comes to Amaro because she's worried about her safety. The very next day, Cragen finds Carissa's lifless (and bloody!) body in his bed. Delia is extremely dangerous, and she must have some serious dirt on the upper brass if she's avoided charges all this time. She had to have ways of getting those pictures of Cragen and finding a way into his home.

What's going to happen next season?  Will anyone believe Cragen is innocent?

Speaking of Carissa, she had some interesting moments with Amaro. With some very intuitive knowledge about his home situation, she propositioned him and Amaro looked tempted. There were some sparks between the two, enough to make Cragen caution Amaro about his behavior. Since Carissa won't be back next season, it's safe to say that Amaro's wife doesn't have to worry too much. But, what about their marriage? Is there any hope they can repair the damage of his distrust?

The cliffhanger really renewed my interest in catching the next season. How about you?


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I am from a caribbean island called Trinidad and I love this show , but I love it more when elliot was a part of the show.


First off it wasn't Munch and Benson that talked to Cassidy, it was Benson and Amaro......Munch wasn't even in that scene......
This was one of the better episodes of the entire season.....BRING BACK STABLER after his True Blood run.....
Also TVFANATIC you need a new cover photo of this show as two people on there are not on the show now.....


I hate it they need me back asap


The season finale was an upgrade from some of the garbage we've seen this season. What I liked: Amaro, decent enough story, even if it was more story based than fact based. The story actually moved with several storylines; Cragen's resistance to move on the case, Amaro's wife, the high profile party and how NO precinct actually wanted to deal with the case except for Benson. What I didn't like: the show's APPARENT lack of court room drama or use of their ADAs. You have Cabot, Novak and Cutter and NONE of them are in the season finale?? To me; the last scene with Cragen just appeared forced. Delia could've gone after the detectives, the girl could've been put in Amaro's bed or we could've seen more drama with CRAGEN and the girl and not Amaro. But just putting some random in with Cragen worked, but didn't at the same time. And I agree: get better writers. Have old school SVU as this current brand won't last another season. And if it worked for 12 seasons, why should it be changed now?


Absolutely LOVED this episode. Thought it was the best one of the season. I think that Cragen will be accused of drinking - he is a recovering alcoholic so that leaves him wide open for someone setting him up - not sure how it happened though. Amaro and his wife have been leading up to this. In reply to lori ann - Amaro was following her and accused her of having an affair when in reality she was meeting with her therapist. She was made at his lack of trust. Can't wait for next season.


It was not a good season finale!


I thought this was the worst season finale of all the shows. The last scene was straight out of the God father except it was the girl rather then a horse. The question I have is why go after Cragen rather then the detectives. I was really disappointed.


uhhh is that ganzel guy the Allstate mayhem guy??? WTF???


This is definitely the most interesting episode of season 13!


Thought it was one of the WORST episodes. So slow, so contrived. And the cliffhanger, seriously?? Show needs new writers if it's going to continue much longer. And WHAT is with the OLD cast photo used on your banner head??

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