Madchen Amick to Guest Star on Drop Dead Diva

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Madchen Amick will drop by Drop Dead Diva this summer.

The actress (Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Ringer) has nabbed the role of Gina Blunt on the Lifetime drama, a pal of Parker's from law school. Look for her to both cath Grayson's eye, according to TV Guide, and to come equipped with a big secret.

Madchen Amick on GG

Faith Prince will also appear again on the series, reprising the role of Jane's mother, Elaine Bingum.

Drop Dead Diva premieres its fourth season on June 3 and mark it down now: TV Fanatic will be reviewing every episode in depth.

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I've been lurking for a few mtnohs now, but wanted to assure you that I don't find your site boring in the least. In fact, what you write is consistently intelligent, hilarious, and entertaining, and you never come across as self-important or solipsistic like some bloggers who write about their personal lives sometimes do. I usually make it a point to check out your site every day or two.


Thanks guys for covering this amazing show!

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