New ABC Show-Down: Which Looks Best?

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From submarines to the supernatural, ABC will air a slew of new shows this fall.

Are you excited for the return of Terry O'Quinn? For Shawn Ryan and Andre Braugher to team up? For Connie Britton to do awesome Connie Britton-esque things? For... ummm... aliens to move in to a New Jersey suburb.

Watch the following trailers now and then vote on the upcoming ABC series that is most likely to earn a spot on your DVR:


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I watched the "Last Resort" pilot (it's free on itunes) and it was by far, my favorite pilot this season. It was fast-paced and exciting from beginning to end and the cast is excellent. The premise is a bit far-fetched, but the show is so well-written that it doesn't matter. I felt like I was watching a really good action movie instead of a TV show. I didn't expect to enjoy it, but now I'm already hooked! If people decide to give the pilot a chance, this show will not be canceled. It's much better than the overhyped Revolutions. The preview for Nashville looks interesting, so I'll check out the pilot when released. I'm not really interested in 666 Park Ave or the Neighbors.


This stuff is terrible! You will be the laughing stock of television!


"You shouldn't have come here, they're never going o let you go." Last words uttered by a woman in the 666 trailer before she jumps to her doom. She was wrong though. The network and certainly audiences will let this one go very quickly. The Neighbors, Nashville and Last Resort (who thought up that title, a 13 year old?), will be done even sooner. They all look like crap and should leap from the roof top by mid season or sooner.


I can't believe ABC cancelled GCB to air those terrible shows. I could swear I was watching movie trailers not new television series!


Geez, I hate to say it, but none of these are appealing to me. They all see like they would work better as a mini series or a movie. I think 666 Park Avenue and Nashville will make it to their first season. I think the Neihbors and Last Resort will be cancelled mid season. Last Resort seems more of a plot for a movie, I just don't think it will hold people's attention. And The Neighbors. Boy, I just don't think it looks good. At all.


Last resort seems more like it would make a good a movie than a show. The other shows are lame. Why didn't they post the trailer for red widow?


Nashvilles the only one that looks good

Kristi potter

Last resort and Nashville look interesting. The Neighbors looks oddly funny, but I am all but certain it will be cancelled. I really don't care for 666 Park Avenue at all. I don't see it lasting.


666 Park Avenue...hmm--looks good, but I totally get an American Horror Story vibe from the trailer...hope it won´t be a rip off

Last Resort Quotes

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