Last Resort Review: Who Will Ring the Bell?

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"Damn the Torpedoes" shuffled alliances and turned enemies into uneasy partners, if not quite friends. Let's run it down, shall we?

Sam's Grief Sam was guilt ridden over the loss of Christine and he took it out on Sophie, as he bluntly asked her in one of many unforgettable Last Resort quotes

You want to jump in the sack? You want to screw the pain away? | permalink

Well, you can't say he's not direct because that's all anything between them would be in this moment. He's not capable of friendship and anything else would be using her to dull the pain. 

But Sophie wasn't scared away. She's not afraid of messy and complicated. Obviously not if she's still playing footsie with Julian.

Serrat's Plan For Sophie

Julian wants her. If he didn't, he'd probably have killed her for her deception. I couldn't figure out what Sophie's plan was with Serrat, but I hope she has a good one. He may put on a charming smile but he's a dangerous man who will turn ruthless when crossed. If he doesn't get what he wants, I'm sure his patience with Sophie will be short lived.

Kylie's Play Back in Washington D.C. a different kind of Hell was breaking loose. Kylie, the Admiral and several others had their proof and were looking to overthrow the President of the United States. 

And just how did the Admiral walk out of a prison cell? His only explanation was that he had friends in low places. That wasn't enough for me. I know there's not much time left for Last Resort and some things will have to happen off screen, but I wanted at least a couple more sentences of explanation. The lack of info left me very unsatisfied.

The return of Kylie's ex left me cold. Again, I'd guess tying up all of these loose ends will be difficult but watching him wipe the blood off of Kylie had me wishing he hadn't returned at all.

Marcus' Enemies Marcus found himself surrounded and friends were hard to find. The Chinese would deliver the supplies only if Marcus took on his own government to get them there. 

Grace played hero by delaying Marcus' order but permanently hurt his trust in her. Was it worth it? Of course. She saved hundreds of lives but Marcus may never look at her the same way again.

Chaplin finally confronted Cortez. How long has he known she was the CIA's spy? We may never know.

I felt more for her than I expected. When she took on the role of CIA spy I'm certain she never expected to be called into action. Who would ever believe a US Navy nuclear submarine Captain would go rogue? It just goes to prove the saying: never say never.

Did anyone else think Marcus was going to kiss her at the end? It looked like it came close. I can't tell you how relieved I was that they didn't go that way. That may have changed my perception of Marcus more than anything else.

The Captain has one more enemy he might not even be aware of. Has Sam gone over to the dark side? Was he playing both sides when he was plotting with Prosser? And how strong is Prosser's hold on his pain/drug issues?

Is James right? Is Marcus a man who won't ring that bell, under any circumstances? With two episodes to go it's looks like we're bound to find out.


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A good episode that would have been great if it weren't for time edits in order to finish an unfortunately shortened season. I know it would look bad but killing Serrat is long past due. I thought Marcus was going to kiss Cortez but not in a romantic manner. If two people are that close I always think they're going to express affection or violence.


Every episode of LAST RESORT has me on the edge of my seat. This one was no different. Best parts IMO were the continued James-Grace partnership on the sub, Chaplin *always* knowing who is coming after him, and *finally* seeing the group that plans to overthrow the current U.S. administration. Weakest parts were Sophie playing with fire (meaning her continued association with Julian) and Kylie and her ex. I didn't even recognize her ex, and was truly puzzled over the guy she was kissing. "Did I miss an entire episode?" I wondered because this nobody is laying hands on my fave warrior woman! Really, it's not the time for her to be locking lips with anyone. Also, did anyone else think how unpatriotic that SEAL was who just wanted to take the money and run away? I know how jaded he must be at this point, seeing both sides of what happened/is happening. But, is the answer really to just leave? James wanted to leave, too. But, he wasn't aware of everything going down in D.C. It matters who stays & who can testify to what happened. So sad we only have 2 eps left. BTW, anyone else think Marcus knows Sam could betray him? I do. Marcus Knows (or Expects) Everything.


Was it only my feed in Raleigh or was the voices (only the voices, because I continued to hear the background music and other foley-type noises)of the characters turned off at the two points of discussion around the green/blue stuff in the test tubes? Is that a plot point the producers didn't want heard because the show was cancelled? I would have blamed my cable provider but I was able to hear everything in the scenes except the human voices! Weird.. So if not what was in the test tube?


Great title... I'm still very disappointed that they didn't pick this show up!

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You want to jump in the sack? You want to screw the pain away?