New CBS Show-Down: Which Looks Best?

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CBS will take viewers to Las Vegas this fall. It will also reinvent a classic detective; depict a life-long friendship in trouble due to a pair of romances; and ask the question: Can Jersey street smarts outmaneuver Manhattan courtroom experience?

Yes, four new shows will premiere in September on America's most-watched network. Which is most likely to earn a place on your DVR? Watch the preview below for Vegas, Elementary, Partners and Made in Jersey and then cast a vote...


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Elementary the most interesting idea. Love Lucy Liu as Watson. Show seems to have a fun energy that encourages tunein week after week.
Partners. Hope it doesn't slide into gay shtick
Vegas holds promise. Good casting. Hope it's more of a 60s mob story, less of a western
Made in Jersey. How many times can this idea be reworked? Lead can't hold Jersey accent even in clip. Nothing special, won't watch


Partners = crap. The Hispanic woman says: "Wha joo dew?" "Joo nee the girlzz?" and she offers her boobs to serve as pillow to a gay man who acts like a little girl. Wow. Vegas could be OK, but it seems a bit cartoony. Good cast might help it Elementary looks OK as well. Also a good cast, but do we really need another version of the outsider super detective who somehow always sees what others miss and oh yeah, has a prickly demeanor? Seems stamped from a mold already long in the tooth and making "watson" a woman isn't a twist, it's just marketing. Made in Jersey seems like a huge cliche, but might be good if they move away from cliches and make the characters out of something more than cardboard. The lead really seems to get it.

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Elementary: looks awesome. I loved the actor who plays Sherlock, because I loved him on Eli Stone. Partners: It could go either way, either it is incredibly cliche, or it finds its voice and becomes a truly funny show, only time will tell. Made in Jersey: Seems to have real promise, but I worry it will get canceled early on, no reason why, just a gut feeling. Vegas: I couldn't care less about it and my bet is that this is the first CBS show cancelled.

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Vegas looks like a badly done version of Justified meets Mad Men. Only the latter does the 60s any justice, whereas all the other copycat series (Magic City, Pan Am, etc) have failed to deliver any interesting storylines.
Partners looks worse than Happily Divorced. Do we really need another gay character played as camp as possible? I'd rather have seen Johnny Lee Miller & Jason O'Mara play the 2 lead roles in that one.
Elementary seems the most bearable out of the four, might be watching the pilot, but don't have any high hopes (Lucy Liu should've stayed in SouthLAnd, she was brilliant there).
Made in Jersey's trailer was so boring, that I couldn't possibly bring myself to watch it more than 30 seconds.


Elementary: Love the gender twist on John Watson, and casting Lucy Liu was the perfect choice. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far. Partners: Definitely gonna watch it, one of the two newcomer sitcoms with a gay character as a lead (The other one being "The New Normal" which also looks hilarious!). And I'm glad I won't miss out on my weekly Sophia Bush fix anymore. Made in Jersey: Looks quite interesting. And I still can't get over the fact how well Janet Montgomery is hiding her british accent. Vegas: Meh. 'Nuff said.

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