"Sons of Nevada"

In the Vegas season finale, Lamb joins forces with Savino to take down Porter Gainsley, the man who is responsible for the death of his wife.

"Unfinished Business"

When Porter Gainsley's attorney dies, Sheriff Lamb's investigation leads to shocking consequences for Ralph and Katherine on Vegas.

"Past Lives"

A dealer from the Savoy is murdered after Agent Byrne hauls him in for questioning. Elsewhere Mia is taken hostage while cultural differences become an issue for Yvonne and Dixon on Vegas.


When Violet accuses Dixon of assault, Katherine has him arrested. At the Savoy, Lena finds a dead gambler in one of the rooms on Vegas.

"Hollywood Ending"

The DA isn't happy to learn about the Sheriff's wire tap on Savino. Dixon and Yvonne travel to Hollywood as she hopes for her big break and Mia gets an unexpected visitor when her supposedly deceased mother arrives on Vegas.

"Little Fish"

Mia must figure out who to trust after her father's death and the FBI hijacks one of Sheriff Lamb's cases in order to take down Savino on Vegas.

"Two of a Kind"

Jack and Ralph investigate when a man is found dead in his car on the side of a desert road while Savino has his hands full dealing with a Hollywood producer who is staying at the Savoy and the FBI blocking the skim from getting back to Chicago on Vegas.

"The Third Man"

When Jack breaks some difficult news to Mia, he ends up withholding more information than he gives. Things come to a head between Katherine and Savino on Vegas.

"Road Trip"

On Vegas, Dixon saves a drowning woman only to find out that she's been poisoned while Jack faces off against Rizzo and Savino's road trip takes a surprising turn.

"From This Day Forward"

Sheriff Lamb's old flame shows up asking for a favor and how far will Savino go when he finds out that the rat in his organization is closer than he thinks on this week's Vegas?