Once Upon a Time Review: True Love's Kiss

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"A Land Without Magic" showed us the truth behind true love's kiss and it was nothing that I predicted. And it wasn't only the magic that was full of surprises in Storybrooke, as love also popped up where I least expected it.

There were so many dramatic components to the Once Upon a Time season finale that it's difficult to know where to start - but I'll begin with my favorite dynamic duo.

A Land Without Magic Scene

No, it isn't Snow and Charming, it's Emma and Regina. For as much as they loathed one another I loved watching as they were forced to work together. Two such powerful women, compelled to strive together to save their son made for some great TV, especially since they'd rather kill one another.

As was evident in this Once Upon a Time quote, even when Emma was suddenly thrust into a world where a true love potion existed, she never lost her straight to the point approach:

Mr. Gold: I saved some for a rainy day.
Emma: Well it's storming like a bitch. Where is it? | permalink

So, Rumplestiltskin not only used some of his true love potion as a curse fail safe, he hid the rest in the dragon. That was a twist I didn't see coming. It also led to an awesome elevator. Honestly, the steampunk looking contraption was more interesting to me than all of the dragon footage combined. 

Emma did two things that seemed downright silly:

  1. Putting down the sword. Did she really think a few measly bullets could take down a dragon? A grenade launcher maybe, but a handgun. I don't think so. Plus, that was her father's sword. There had to be some significance in using it but perhaps that symbolism alluded her at that moment.
  2. She threw the egg up to Rumplestiltskin. Hadn't she been in Storybrooke long enough to learn that the two least trust worthy people were Regina and Mr. Gold? I know shoving it inside her leather jacket and climbing out wouldn't have been easy but it seemed like the better choice.

But as we learned with her trust in Sidney, there are times Emma can be naive.

It was wonderful to see some long lost characters come back to visit. The Huntsman (aka Graham) was a sight for sore eyes. Having him and Charming share the screen was simply a lovely dose of fairy tale eye candy that didn't last nearly long enough.

Finally, Regina's treatment of Jefferson came back to haunt her. There are only so many times you can pull the rug out from under someone before they retaliate. Jefferson might not have been able to do the deed himself but he knew who could and he knew the trigger to pull to make it happen.

Which led us to Belle. Who knew it would be so easy to spring her from her hospital prison? I did wish there had been a little more build up to her meeting with Rumplestiltskin. I had hoped he'd be the one to go and find her instead of Belle being sprung on him at such an odd moment.

Admittedly, they had me worried that Henry might actually be killed off. There would have been a twist. But in the end, true love's kiss was the purest of all.  I always thought it would have to do with Snow and Charming but I was happy to be wrong. It was a mother's love for her son. When Emma kissed Henry the curse was broken... sort of.

Although everyone remembered their past, no one was transported back to it. 

Which did give us the joy of not only watching Charming save Snow in the fairy tale world but also getting to witness David and Mary Margaret realize the truth of their love. The latter happened in the nick of time as I wondered what would happen to David as he attempted to drive out of town. 

The saddest moment of the entire episode was when Regina told Henry the following:

No matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I do love you. | permalink

I felt for Regina because, in her own way, I believe that's true. No matter what her motives or methods, she loves Henry.

So with the end of the season most of our heroes have found true love while Regina has lost hers and in perhaps the scariest turn of events, Rumplestiltskin has brought magic to Storybrooke. Unpredictable, powerful, magic. And Regina is smiling. This just can't be good.


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Kitanishi h mcdonald

if he saw the future, he would have seen that Pinocchio climbed in the wardrobe and would have known who August is, he would have seen Belle and that she was alive, and would have seen this world before he entered it,
August case was explained by august himself - Rumple wanted him to be bae so much that he ignored every warning he himself knew. And Bae and Belle are connected to him. And in most of cases one can't see his own futures. It has been alluded more than once that Rumple can see future.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Rumple never saw any future,
Erm, yes he did. He knew when to come to certain events, he knew he would be imprisoned by Cinderella, etc. In the first episode its outright stated that "he can see into the future". Yes IT WAS his plan EVERYTHING WAS HIS PLAN down to one twin dieing and other having to take his place. The thing is that such a plan of centuries of length, would be impossible without seeing into future. He saw the possibilities of future and he planned accordingly, so everything would fall into place exactly as he wants. There has not been even one event in this show he did not plan or foresee.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I think love will eventually triumph in this show, if the creators can end it on their own terms. But I think both Regina and Gold will be vanquished, as a consequence. I can see both of them in the end, just as Voldemort was at the conclusion of the Harry Potter saga: shriveled souls completely alone and utterly miserable. A tragic end brought on by their refusal of love.
can't see that. Regina is clearly set up to have a redemption arc. Especially after the whole frienemies interaction with Emma this episode and getting demoted to secondary villain. She is essentially Emma's FOIL, sure, but this episode proved that she is not beyond redemption.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

1. When Emma touched the book she got all those visions. Was that because what happened to Henry made it easier for her to believe in magic and the book was just a final step, or was it because this was actually the first time she held the book?
The former. Henry eating the pie and falling down was the pebble that broke the dam. She stopped denying and in that moment, book allowed her to see those memories.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I agree with the blue fairy thing too. It would be silly for her to miss a chance of eliminating the Dark One curse and even giving up such a rare thing instead.
Or she wanted to manipulate Rumple into creating the curse to begin with :)


Loved the finale. So happy for the Rumple/Belle reunion. Let's not forget that Emma still owes Mr. Gold a favor. Can't wait to see what he's going to ask for!


LOVE THE FINALE!! AMAZING!!!!!!! I hope the writers will keep up the good one and season 2 will be as good as season1 if not greater. Because, most of the series that i watch, season 1 is always the best and it went downhill from season 2 (e.g. TVD, GG). I do feel like it's a bit rushed and was hoping it was a 2 hour finale instead. However, i'm sort of glad they didn't because I don't want the possibility of a 2 hour boring and slow episode. I can't wait for Season 2!!!


@Bored Now.
Rumple never saw any future, the reason he new what was coming was because it was his carefully laid out plan. he made Snow's and Charming's child the Saviour because he was the one to create the curse in the first place. he used a drop of their true love as a safe switch (an insurance). everything else was a matter of careful planning, being smart and knowing your enemies and people u use, then carefully manipulating everything and vaguely know the possible consequences because he is so powerful, he can imagine what price there is to pay for this magic. that is why he never performed the curse himself but used Regina to do it. if he saw the future, he would have seen that Pinocchio climbed in the wardrobe and would have known who August is, he would have seen Belle and that she was alive, and would have seen this world before he entered it, so he wouldn't be so terrified of it when his son fell through.


Will Mr Gold start calling people in Storybrook "dearie" now he has his mojo, I mean magic, back?


"Eluded", not "alluded".

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