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I don't think we're any where near running out of potential future characters - especially as the inclusion of Midas and Wonderland open up both mythology and literature as potential sources. Some major ones I am hoping for in s2:

Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora (who has been mentioned so definitely is in FTL) The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad, Peter Pan and Capt Hook, just to name a few. What I REALLY WANT to see though is more variety in villains - yes I appreciate that everything always comes back to Regina and 'Skin, but the only other villains we've seen are the blind witch and a fleeting meeting of Maleficient.


There is MAGIC in the world they are living in right now. As a poster above mentioned, the Queen's heart chamber has all of the magical hearts there. How would she have been able to kill the hunter remotely like that otherwise? Additionally, I think the magic could be limited to only her. Also, I think only certain magic exists that she decided to carry over. No new magic can be created unless Emma believes. However, that opens another can of worms because if then Rumpelstiltskin could wreak havoc everywhere. If additional magic existed, couldn't the queen just get rid of Emma easily?


I have been having this thought lately that is totally random and that I shut down the first time I heard it (and I actually think the thought has crossed the writer's minds but they are waiting out casting and contract decisions) that if Emma had grown up in Fairy Tale world, she would have eventually become Alice because didn't Alice have a hard time buying anything that was happening in Wonderland? This probably would only turn out to be true if they decide that she and Jefferson are the couple meant to be together.

Anyway, this was the first time I totally empathized and got where Emma was coming from with her unwillingness to even entertain any of Henry's story. I think we have all forgotten who Emma was before Henry knocked on her door, she was kind of sad and alone figure. I theorize that she needs either MM or David to do something parental for her before she can feel safe enough to think about any of this (and arguably, that is really August and heck Gepetto's problem, if Snow or James had got with her, she would have had a parent. If August (or whatever name he had then) had stayed, she would have likely had a big brother. Instead, she grew up alone, and likely if she was stuck in that house, got told the tale of her brother and all the other kids taking off and leaving her behind just like her parents did. She likely is far more screwed up that the characters of Storybrooke need her to be at this point.


What's with all the spelling errors in the article AND in the comments today?



4. 4. I think Emma is seeing reality. The reality of our world, a land without magic. That is why she is so cynic. I would be two if someone asked me to believe they are fairytale character and I have to save them so they can get back to their world. Schizophrenics really believe they are Jesus and Snow White...

5. Alice in Wonderland. But maybe she's still stuck in Wonderland.


@tanner1511 : I think Regina knows that she is the saviour. Remember in episode 2, Mr. Gold tells Regina : "I think you know exactly who she is".


1. Loved every moment we saw when Emma was a baby and Pinocchio taking care of her. I cursed at him when he abandoned her, though.

2. I think she wanted to hurt MM more than anything. Sure she needs a new boy toy, but remember this happens after MM bashed her.

3. Geppetto saving his boy at the expense of the whole land? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! I was screaming at my screen. He was so selfished. What about the other kids. Their parents can't put them in the wardrobe, so why could he? His boy wasn't the savior, he had no place in there. Maybe he was blinded by his love for his boy to think that a 7 year-old boy could take care of a baby. Because he sure wasn't seeing straight. I think the fact that I saw the consequences of this action, made me even more angry. Emma spent her life in foster care, she wasn't loved by anyone, and she didn't have anyone to guide her to believe...

4. I think Emma is seeing reality. The reality of our world, a land without magic. That is why she is so cynic. I would be too, if someone asked me to believe they were fairytale characters and I was their saviour. Schizophrenics really believe they are Jesus and Snow White...

5. Alice in Wonderland. But maybe she's still stuck in Wonderland.


- Definitely August trying to convince Emma in the woods. He's such an intriguing character finding out his identity only made him moreso.
- She's missing out on her boy toy and it's another way to get back at Mary.
-both. I understood his love for hid child but he crossed into jackass ville by the end. That is a whole lot of responsibility to put on a seven year old being sent to a foreign land.
- I have no idea. I don't think either of them are off in what they see and I don't believe that there id no magic in stony brook.
- I'm good on characters now.


1. Definitely Emma and August in the woods and Emma telling him "Then you're all screwed."

2. She's doing it to hurt Mary Margeret, particularly after what she said to her.

3. I kinda don't like what Geppetto did there. I mean, he would have lost his son either way, whether Pinocchio was in that wardrobe or not - they would have lost each other. He should have let Snow into the wardrobe, but who can blame him for wanting to save his son.

4. If there was no magic in storybrooke, then how was Regina able to kill Graham by crushing his fairytale heart? Isn't that proof enough that there is magic? And I think Emma doesn't see it because see doesn't want to though I believe that deep down inside she knows it is somehow true.

5. I agree with Christine. Belle needs to come back. Maybe she manages to escape and Mr. Gold is the one finding her? Nah, that'll be just too convenient. :D


Yes Tanner she does know. She remembers fairy tale world. I'm pretty sure she adopted Henry because he is her son so when she showed up and it was revealed she was henry's real mom and time started moving she knew she was the one.

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