Once Upon a Time Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Wake Up, Henry!

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It was made very clear in the Once Upon a Time promo for this Sunday's season finale: Henry's life is at stake.

Will the little man die? It seems highly unlikely, but that still leaves open the mystery of what it will take to save him.

The official ABC synopsis for "A Land Without Magic" teases an alliance between Emma and Regina in some way, as they team up to help the one thing/person they have in common. Meaning what, exactly? Tune in Sunday night to find out.

And watch two clips from the season-ender below:

* ABC has also released photos from the Revenge season finale. Check these images out now!

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@Paula I think it'll be Emma. There is a promo where she says "I love you, Henry" and then kisses him...In the same promo, you can kinda tell that Emma is starting to believe, and then she remembers everything


I think, as with Snow White, the one who loves Henry the most must kiss him or let him know how much they love him.

Allison berry barbieri

I think Emma is going to start believing in the curse!!!!!

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