Revenge Producer Teases Season 2 Wedding, Death

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Warning: Stop reading now if you are yet to watch this week's Revenge season finale. In fact, stop doing whatever it is you are doing and go watch this week's Revenge season finale.

The episode left fans with a number of questions, many of them summed up in my attempt to make sense of Revenge Season 2 and what might be on tap.

Victoria Aboard?

Many of them are also answered, or at least teased, in an interview Executive Producer Mike Kelley gave to TV Line. Follow the preceding link for the full exchange and read on for a few key excerpts:

  • A "major, important" death did, indeed, take place on the finale. We'll learn the victim's identity on the season two premiere.
  • Season two will also open with a flash forward to summer in the Hamptons - and the wedding of... Kelley would not reveal.
  • On Emily's mother: She "is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother." (Vote now on who you think should play the part.) 
  • We will meet many new characters, including those part of the larger conspiracy and those who Kelley says went to Takeda's "Revenge School" with Emily.
  • Daniel will continue to grow dark next season and Ashley "will be a big part of it."
  • We will learn exactly where Amanda has been and what happened to her prior to returning.

Whew. That's a lot. Digest the spoilers now and sound off: What are you most looking forward to on Revenge Season 2?

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Definitely Victoria wont die as she is the "MAIN" character in this story! Somewhere somehow she did not get on the plane & thats what saved her life. The fake Amanda returns with a hidden agenda to hit back at Emily & to ensure that Jack would not leave her by pretending to be pregnant with Jack's baby ( which of cos is not! ) Charlotte will be alive but admitted into rehab & out of guilt for not entertaining Charlotte's call Declan will be back by her side.
After Emily saw that fake Amanda is back with Jack & the fact that her revenge is FAR from reach , she decides to apologize to Daniel & marry him. Daniel who actually still in love with Emily will accepts her back but gets Ashley to be his "3rd eye". Nolan on the other hand will be revealed as Emily's half brother & after the incident with the white haired man, they stick to each other as a team.
Now, Emily's mother has been revealed to be still ALIVE & to me the best person to play the role ( to name a few ) would be Glenn Close or Uma Thurman or Christina Applegate or Julianne Moore or maybe even Renee Zellweger...
Anyway, i hope Season 2 of Revenge starts sooooon !!!!! Cant wait to see what Kelley has in store for us !!!!


Grayson calls 911 for Charlotte, then calls Victoria, tells her Charlotte is in the hostpital thats how she gets off the plane. Emily marries Nolen for immunity from his or her testimony jack dies Carol is also Emilys Aunt,


I hope Amanda's real come back with Daniel...i love both of them...i can't wait for new season...and Nolas will find a girl so he can fall in love......


Death no doubt is Lydia DUH! But i think someone else will die to, i mean who couldn't guess Lydia would die.. Emily and Daniel will be the marriage, cause even though he is going 'bad' emily/amanda will want to ride that train into the ground. especially after victoria gave her that empty wedding gift. what better revenge than to mary her son when she so badly doesn't want emily/amanda to? I mean what else has she got left but her revenge right? Jack being the man he is will probably propose to amanda/emily but it won't be the wedding. that is also to obvious.......... BUT i would also perhaps say daniel and ashley???? lets hope not!


There will be so much happening in the season opener, I can't decide what I am looking forward to, I just can't wait for it to start.
I don't like Amanda or Ashley, I hope Emily has plans for both of them.
I'm going to guess the wedding will be Jack and Amanda's, but the baby isn't Jack's, and the death, Lydia.
Charlotte should be o.k., and going to rehab.
A Daniel and Ashley alliance would suck, Ashley needs to be written out.
Don't want to see Daniel and Emily back together, she needs to go after him, but do like him getting into a darker character, he should play it well.
Conrad is awesome, just when Victoria thinks she's got him with something, he strikes back even harder.
Nolan just rules, and I like the chemistry between he and Emily, I am so glad they didn't kill him off, which I thought might happen when the white haired man got him.
The whole way they did the season finale, with Emily helping Nolan escape, then waiting for the WHM to return, was brilliant.
This show is FANTASTIC, I could go on forever, brilliantly written and casted.
Please cast me for even just one episode, will do it for the experience, LOLOL, no money, LOLOL


I have a theory...... Daniel is going to hook up with Ashley, while Jack is going to marry Amanda.
Lydia is dead. Emily is going to be on the warpath...


Victoria got on the same plane but gave them some more information about david clarke and came up with a conspiracy to leave, Charlotte dies from an Overdose leaving Victoria in extreme guilt. Lydia dies on the plane. Declan gets depressed from his guilt over charlottes death and turns into a pill popping queen like she was. the fake Amanda gets married to Jack due to the pregnancy but he is no longer in love with her and is now in love with the real Amanda.Fake Amanda has a miscarriage and Jack tells her that he has fallen in love with the real Amanda while she was away. The fake Amanda gets furious and attempts to kill the real Amanda but does not succeed,In an attempt to save the real Amanda Jack gets stabbed by the fake Amanda and Nolan accidentally kills her.Jack survives but is left in a coma. The Real Amanda (Emily)then finds out Nolan is her brother and protects him from getting sent to jail and comes up with a plan to frame Daniel over the death of Fake Amanda. Emily goes on a new revenge over the death of her half sister Charlotte. Emilys Mum was involved in the conspiracy of framing David Clarke.Victoria releases evidence to the CIA of Conrad organising someone to murder David Clarke. The white haired man helps the real Amanda in taking down the graysons. The real Amanda finds out Victoria didnt mean to frame david clarke it was just to distract conrad so she could spill that conrad brought down the plane, then unfortunately David got murdered.


I see no reason not to trust Nolan's story that David Clarke was the only investor who believed in his mobile-internet idea that made him rich.We know that Amanda remembered her mother,so her mother (still being cast) is not any character we've already met.


I think Nolan and the real Amanda are siblings. Why would David Clark finance his ventures if there was not some kind of connection? I hope Amanda's baby is not Jacks so the real Amanda and jack can end up together. Sammy kept being drawn to Emily (fake Emily ), I can't figure why Jack hasn't put two and two together and figured out she's the real Amanda. Don't like Ashley wouldn't mind if she got written out of story. Love Nolan hope he gets a love interest in season 2.


I want Emily/Amanda WHATEVER her name is back with Daniel!!!! I hate Jack, I see NONE whatsoever chemistry between the two of them. It may just be me... DOUBT IT. I hate Ashley as a character to!