Revenge Season Finale Review: O-Em-G

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I didn't see that coming.

Of course the season finale of Revenge was so full of life changing, death defying moments that I really need to specify which that I'm talking about.

Who thought that "Reckoning" would have Emily battling the White Haired Man with an ax? Seriously, an ax?!? Damn, that girl wasn't kidding around and I suppose that's what made it all the more surprising when she showed mercy and let him go. 

Apprehended on Revenge

After last week's episode left us with poor Nolan unconscious on the floor, it was good to see Emily come to his rescue. And as Emily broke them out of their restraints with ninja stealthiness, Nolan gave one his classic Revenge quotes of the night:

 I'm not worthy. | permalink

After the battle, Emily and Nolan were both battered and bruised but Em sincerely thanked him for everything he'd done for her. Then they shared some champagne and toasted her Dad. That one mellow moment was probably my favorite of the hour.

The finale solidified my love for Nolan. He had all the best lines, injected just the right amount of humor and had Emily's back both strategically and emotionally.

When Emily was at her lowest, believing she'd lost the man she loved due to her own manipulations, it was Nolan's voice on the other end of the phone trying to hold her together.

 Do not do anything revengy until I get there. Got it? | permalink

He really has become her best friend.

Did anyone else think that Daniel and Emily's breakup was just a little too easy? He confronts her, she admits she kissed Jack and says they're both changing, then she hands him back the ring and it's done? It was much quicker and cleaner than I ever expected it to be.

And how could you not love Victoria's engagement present.

I knew that your future with Daniel was as empty as that box. | permalink

Now that's cold... and brilliant. And to think that Emily could have had her as a mother-in-law. I'm sure it would have made for some cheery holiday dinners.

But the reveal that really threw me: a pregnant Amanda?!? I half wondered if she'd pop up again before the end of the season but I didn't expect there to be a baby in tow. 

Although I've never felt the chemistry between Emily and Jack I couldn't help but feel the sucker punch Emily received when she walked into the Stowaway and found her glowing alter ego supposedly carrying Jack's child. Ugh.

I say supposedly because Amanda's never been the most trustworthy girl; so, honestly, the kid could be anyone's but I highly doubt Jack, being the stand up guy he is, will ever question the child's paternity.

Other surprises of the night included the moment I came close to feeling sorry for Conrad. After bestowing Lydia with that beautiful and I'm sure damned expensive promise ring, she took it and turned on him anyway. When he realized her betrayal, he looked so sad I almost felt bad for him. Almost.

That Ashley's making her move on Daniel was no surprise but can you imagine Victoria's response if these two get together?!? Ashley will never survive. Victoria will bury the little gold digger. Of course, that's if Victoria's still alive.

The most predictable moment was Charlotte's overdose. That's been building for weeks as neither parent can take 10 minutes out of their back-stabbings and cover-ups to pay any attention to their daughter's downward spiral.

When the White Haired Man told Conrad he had a plane to catch I figured he'd be rigging Victoria's plane to blow. Now the question is, did she somehow survive?

And as Nolan came to the rescue one more time with a copy of the hard drive, we were left with a brand new mystery. Who the heck is Emily's mother? During their brawl, the White Haired Man mentioned that Emily must have gotten her fight from mom. Does he know her and why did she disappear from Emily's life and not return even when her daughter was tossed into the foster care system and then juvenile hall? 

As we head into season two, will Victoria, Lydia, and Charlotte survive? Is Amanda really carrying Jack's baby? How big is this conspiracy and will Emily ever have a chance at getting her Revenge?


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Hang on, we're supposed to *like* Nolan? He's a jerk, and not a loveable one.


Only just managed to watch finale and I was a bit disappointed. The second half of the episode was way too predictable. It was obvious to me that fake amanda would return; not pregnant though, that was a surprise. I felt the plane blowing up was coming too, it was almost a certainty after Conrad warned Victoria that it would be the last thing she did. Also i get the feeling that in season 2 Ashley and Daniel will hook up. A side note, i am glad they didnt kill off the white haired man as I thik he is a brilliant actor and hope to see more of him in season 2. Can remember him best as Bill Buchanan on 24. (Believe that was his character)


I actually stopped breathing within the last 10 minutes. By far the best episode yet!
Im soooo annoyed that Jack and Emily didnt get together, I just wanted her to go and kill Amanda. Pregnant? BITCH PLEASE. When Jack finds out its not his, he'l go straight back to Emily.
I freaking love Nolan, I actually wanted to just give him a massive hug all through this episode. He is officially the best person on the show.


I have a feeling they never got on that plane.


Revenge us the b o m it love it love it


Nolan's aunt is totally Em's mother, the aunt faked her death, just like Em's mother did. I also totally believe Ashley and Daniel will become boyfriend and girlfriend and Emily will tell Jack the whole truth but Jack may stay with Amanda a bit longer. Charle will die and Victoria will live because that makes sense seeing how much more important Victoria is in the storyline. Maybe they both survive and Lydia dies but we can only find out by watching next season!!! Can't wait!!! (Hope Emily and Jack get together because I have a small feeling Emily will kill the fake Amanda when she least expects it...)


I actually liked daniel and emily better than her and jack.. but he kinda was changing and turning into a grayson so... understandable.
I love love love nolan and emilys sibling like relationship : ))
Hope the story line still follows with her exacting revenge the people involved and not only finding her mother Cant wait for next season


I really love Nolan and Emily, their relationship is awesome! I cant believe that a businessman like Nolan would help and sacrifice his life for Emily (David's daughter) just because he wanted to thank David in return. There must something more than that. Can you see his face when Emily told him "Im proud of you", he is about to cry. Nolan protects Emily for everything, pushes her to Jack (her true love). I would like him to be Emily's brother just to add up a little twist.


Lydia is clearly not coming back. Her character has been on the verge of death or social disgrace throughout the entire season. This is a chance for the producers to finally get rid of her. Obviously Queen Victoria is alive and scheming somewhere. Charlotte will follow her mother's footsteps just as Daniel followed his father's. Whatever happens, season 2 will keep us hooked!


Sam what the F are you talking about predictable? Emily Van Camp has already said that Victoria is not her mom. They are looking for an actress to play the part as we speak.

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