Revenge Producer Teases Season 2 Wedding, Death

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Warning: Stop reading now if you are yet to watch this week's Revenge season finale. In fact, stop doing whatever it is you are doing and go watch this week's Revenge season finale.

The episode left fans with a number of questions, many of them summed up in my attempt to make sense of Revenge Season 2 and what might be on tap.

Victoria Aboard?

Many of them are also answered, or at least teased, in an interview Executive Producer Mike Kelley gave to TV Line. Follow the preceding link for the full exchange and read on for a few key excerpts:

  • A "major, important" death did, indeed, take place on the finale. We'll learn the victim's identity on the season two premiere.
  • Season two will also open with a flash forward to summer in the Hamptons - and the wedding of... Kelley would not reveal.
  • On Emily's mother: She "is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother." (Vote now on who you think should play the part.) 
  • We will meet many new characters, including those part of the larger conspiracy and those who Kelley says went to Takeda's "Revenge School" with Emily.
  • Daniel will continue to grow dark next season and Ashley "will be a big part of it."
  • We will learn exactly where Amanda has been and what happened to her prior to returning.

Whew. That's a lot. Digest the spoilers now and sound off: What are you most looking forward to on Revenge Season 2?

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hey maybe someone else dies we know emily,daniel,ashley and jack+amanda wont and mr.bitch ass conrad are undecidable i help all of us who can agree out of all the revenge season 2 spoiler sites this specific comment is the most simplified guess.


3. The Graysons and the other characters are NOT leaving the Hamptons, despite rumors. "We're not leaving the Hamptons," Henry Czerny, who plays Conrad Grayson, told "That would be taking a baby out of the cradle and putting it into a jail cell." "There might be some ventures into the city, a bit more, from what we've heard," added Allen(charlotte) this means charlotte lives thats great right because its one important death not two so victoria lives.think about it why would they bring lydia back + kelley said there ways 4 death its just one we didnt see on camera


I'm happy that Revenge will be returning. Too bad about Alcatraz-it was pretty good. As for Revenge, I truly hope that Nolan is not a conspirator setting up Amanda/Orign. Emily. That would be too sucky. Ashley was a non-entity.....and putting her in the mix in alliance with Daniel is way too guessable with no thought or imagination. Jack and real Amanda are not a good match up and should present problems as long as that is the way the writers are going to go with it. Victoria is too much of the show's punch to kill off so getting her out of it should be fun to watch. White haired man is too pat and really needs more imagination in this script. Although they left the door open for Victoria to see him and spill the beans about him messing with the plane. I just hope the writers do a good job and don't do everything expectable. Would love to see this one make it for a few seasons......great cast that deserve a chance.


Cant wait to see the next season! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME SHOW!!! I want to be just like Emily when I grow up! Jack is not the father of Amandas baby! I want Jack and the real Amanda to be together! Nolan is awesome! Cant stand Ashley! SNITCH! She should die in the next season! Just sayin'


I love Nolan. I hope Lydia dies or Ashley . Keep Charlotte alive.




I think it'll be interesting to see the real Amanda's mother and get to know the real reason why David kept her away from the real Amanda. One thing's for sure, the white haired man was the one who plant the explosives on one plane (remember, there was two seperate planes.) I think Lydia's plane was the one that exploded and inside carried the evidence. I do wonder if Daniel saw the news broadcast with Ashley (however it seems extremely unlikely only because he's getting drunk with Ashley.) Charlotte attempted an unsuccessful suicide only because Conrad will rush her to the hospital on time and wouldn't it be ironic if Victoria was rushed to the hospital around the same time as Charlotte (unless of course Victora's plane was the only one that took off on time.) This whole thing seems fishy. Conrad and Daniel are the true enemies here while Charlotte is just..a person. I do think Ashley knows about the fake Emily's plot for revenge because Nolan had told her (the man has a bunch of connections.) Ashley and Nolan are looking out for


Lydia dies. Charlotte's suicide attempt is unsuccessful. Victoria survives. Jack is not the father of Amanda's baby. Emily begins a whole new revenge with the discovery of her mother.


1. Nolan is not all he seems. I think that Nolan is tied in with the conspiracy, he is there to spy on, and (try)direct Emily's actions. Emily is the victim again, she is being used she just does not know it yet. 2. Does anyone think it odd that when Emily wanted to go after the Grey haired man Ashley made sure she could not go and Nolan controlled the entire situation I think that Nolan told Ashley so Emily would be trapped. Nolan, Ashley and even the real Emily are much more involved/connected than first appears, I think they are all working for the GLOBAL entity and are using Emily to flush out any potential threats to the entity and maybe something more.. 2. The timing of Amanda's return is very interesting too, I wonder if Nolan told the GLOBAL entity that Emily was getting ready to 'settle down' and they had to stop her. Why did her wait until then to tell her what he knew about her mother. More than once he has kept information away from Emily and has not been honest with her. Watch this character more closely, I think he is too good to be true and you know what they say, if its too good to be true ...... 3. Stop picking on Jack, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and not everyone must be the classic Hollywood pretty boy. Go Jack you rock.


Here what I think what would happen according to who dies: Lydia- Nothing. Everyone is happy that Lydia died and not Victoria or Charlotte. Even Lydia would be happy because, well…she's dead. I also heard somewhere that one of the co-conspirators would get whats coming to them, and with Lydia dead…that would count. Victoria-