Scandal Review: Worlds Collide

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Kerry Washington promised in our interview that the Scandal season finale would bring it. And "Grant For the People" certainly did. Consider my jaw sufficiently dropped and my mind officially blown.

I can't tell you how glad I am that this show was picked up for a second season. Seven episodes is simply not enough of such an awesome series.

Olivia & Cyrus Work Together

This was a night of masterful storytelling. Things came together and characters fell apart beautifully.

Quinn as a client was a perfect intersection of the show's usual format of two stories. Quinn needed her secret identity to stay hidden, so she called Olivia instead of 911 after Gideon bled out all over his rug. Olivia, despite her team's protests, demanded that Quinn was a client and she would be treated like one. The team's reluctance to clean the crime scene, followed by its meticulous scrubbing, indicates that maybe this isn't their first time doing something like this. They knew exactly what they were doing: protecting a client at the cost of being able to prosecute the real criminal.

But still, they did it. Because those are the lengths to which Olivia will go when someone needs her help.

Olivia's professional and personal lives collided as she had to save an employee and her lover from Billy Chambers. He killed Gideon and then torpedoed the Fitz' presidency by telling the media about the President's affair with Amanda Tanner and leaking the tape, leaving Cyrus and Olivia to do the impossible one more time. The choices left to Fitz after it looked that they would be unsuccessful were so grim I felt bad for him.

He could lie, but he won't do that. Olivia could tell the media that she's the woman on the tape, but that just makes him look worse. Or he could resign and they could have a normal life. Together. He could have the life he wants with the woman he loves. (For the full line, check out the Scandal quotes page.)

In that moment, I hoped he would resign and the two of them would ride off into the sunset. They deserve a normal life together. We're conditioned not to root for infidelity, but there I was, excited that these two could have a happily ever after. But Cyrus and Stephen had to meddle and tell Olivia 1) Fitz was born to be a leader and 2) this is basically her fault. And while both of those may be true, sort of, when she choked out "Normal is overrated" to Stephen I felt so bad for her, almost broken.

And then she was even gracious enough to save Billy Chambers from Huck. Sort of.

Huck, after promising not to kill Billy, used a technicality to try and get rid of the snake. And that technicality--Charlie, the CIA operative Huck tortured for information about Amanda Tanner--was in Cyrus' pocket the whole time.

Did you catch that? Cyrus Beene was behind Amanda Tanner's murder.

Or he was working with Billy Chambers. Or they were both out to have the girl murdered. And how does the First Lady figure in?

It's clear that she knew the President had an affair with Amanda Tanner. She had the audacity to blame Olivia for it. And then she swept in and saved the day by saying that she was the woman on the tape and that she and the President are expecting a new baby. The First Lady has no scruples! None at all! Fitz and Olivia essentially breaking up after hope had been so high earlier in the day was heartbreaking. Knowing that the entire story was likely Olivia's idea made it worse.

She's willing to give up everything for Fitz. She'll even give him up.

With that, season one is done, and the biggest question remaining of the season is "Who is Quinn Perkins really?" And it's not a question to which we got an answer. I suppose they had to save something for season two. I know that between that question and the Cyrus reveal, I'm eager for September.

Were you shocked to find out that Cyrus was behind Amanda Tanner's death? Do you think we've seen the last of Billy Chambers? What did you think of tonight's finale?


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OMG! I loved this episode. Sorry, I'm all for the President Fitz and Olivia. They have such passion and great chemistry together. The First Lady is a Witch, with a Capital B. She only cares about being First Lady. Olivia had better watch out for Cyrus. Is September here yet??? LOL.


Just EPICLY AWESOME! I bet quinn was in the navy or something and killed a guy? OR she knows things you know. Things she just can't know. And O M G on the Cyrus front. Was a 50/50 split if he or The First Lady killed Amanda. Last but not least, AWESOME EPISODE. I love that there is coming a season 2!


Cyrus is such a devious snake, he is clearly jealous of Olivia and Fitz. The first lady is just as bad and poor Billy was just a little crazy - the man held on for two years. I feel bad for Olivia, but she is weak around Fitz, maybe they should stay apart. I loved that Stephen knew her secret, I wonder how he knows. Huck is so funny, when he asked Olivia if she wanted him to kill Billy, I had to laugh. He really spooked the CIA guy, right into Cyrus's back yard - the lovely flowers he prunes contradict his evil side. And yes Quinn should NOT have pulled out the scissors. This girl better be someone interesting because so far she gets on my nerves. Harrison told her to not to go there with Gideon, geez. Can't wait for season two!


Knew Cyrus was in it from way back. And, I'm thinking that Quinn must be a Royal in exile or something. She definitely doesn't have what it takes to be a killer - so obvious from how she reacted to Gideon dying. And she didn't think to cover up her idenitity because she wanted to call 911, Olivia had to remind her not to do it. Plus, if she is a lawyer she had to be fingerprinted to take the bar, someone with power had to help her get that license. And Billy and Cyrus must have been working together otherwise why would he kill Gideon he hadn't killed Amanda Tanner? And it certainly isn't over between Oliva and Fritz, conniving women never get their man or his heart. Can't wait until the new season starts.


I thought it was a really great episode! I admit,in the pilot I was angry that Olivia was such a powerful,sharp,strong woman and she was like putty when she was with the President. But seeing the backstory let me know their history and I understood completely. Can't wait for next season to see how Billy Chambers dies!


A bunch of "US Agencies" were looking for Quinn, not federal agents. This makes me think that she isn't a brilliant criminal, but more likely a famous missing person. Perhaps a witness? The writers made a point of making her look like a bumbling idiot, which makes me think that she may have been isolated or hidden from society for an extremely long period of time (possibly since childhood), and then resurfaced in 2008. This would also explain her lack of worldliness. I think that she was always Olivia's "client", from the very beginning and that Olivia hired her as part of her cover (and probably to keep an eye on her).


A can't believe this is the last episode of the season!!! Just awesome! I suspected Cyrus of being behind the Amanda killing, so that was no surprise. Huck scares me. I love David. The first lady is a complete badass! As much as I enjoy Olivia and the president together, I gave a silent cheer when the first lady said "I'll be taking my husband back". I'm also glad that the affair has ended. Neither Fitz nor Olivia would have had a normal life if he had ended his presidency to be with her, and it will be nice to see Olivia and the president back to their "normal" routine. It was actually fun to watch the president play hardball with the VP...I like that side of him. The Quinn ending was perfect. I don't think her cluelessness was an act, because she was the same, even when people weren't interacting with her. The fact that she didn't realize that pulling out the scissors would cause Gideon to bleed more, also argues against her being a brilliant mastermind. A bunch of "US agencies" were looking for her....not federal agents, which makes me think that she is a famous missing person, or an important witness (or perhaps both!). The writers made such a point of making her look like a bumbling idiot, that I'm wondering if she had been isolated or sheltered from society for an extremely long period of time (and just surfaced in 2008). I also suspect that she was a client of Olivia's from the very beginning and that Olivia gave her the job as part of the cover.


Loved the ep! Got whiplash from all the back and forth. It was amazing as per usual.
Next season will be about Quinn my least favorite character. I couldn't understand why Olivia hired her because she is essentially useless. But may be she has something Olivia wants. That's gonna be good. Can't wait for september!!!


Okay, something tells me that the press conference at the end, Olivia's turning in of her credentials (you guys caught that right?) and the new pregnancy was NOT, repeat, NOT Olivia's idea. EVerything the First Lady has done is for one reason, to be First Lady. Make no mistake the only reason she helped get Fitz elected was so she could be First Lady. When she said, "I'll be taking my husband back," she meant it, and she meant Olivia was out of the White House for good...or at least the summer. Next season, I would love to see one of the First Lady's lies come back to bite her in the backside! She is turning into a wonderful villain.
As for Quinn Perkins, she is wanted by multiple international agencies? WOW! Did not see that coming. Does that mean her mousey, babe-in-the-woods routine is all an act? Is she some sort of brilliant mastermind? I can't wait until fall. Now that all of the infidelity is over with (I hope), I look forward to a different focus next season.
Nicely done with Cy as the one who had Amanda killed. I thought he was the mcguffin, turns out Billy was. GOOD JOB.


AWESOME EPISODE!! Love that this will continue next year! @Gem, you make a great point! Fitz needs to learn to stand up for himself. He just allowed Mellie & Liv to control this situation and accepted it. Also, I'm glad I am not the only one who noticed no Round Table for the last episode. What happened TVF? I enjoy reading the responses as well.

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