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it did occur to me when I heard the tape release that there wouldn't be a scandal if it was his wife he was with at the time. Kudos to the first lady for stepping up! She is a great character! Love this show. Shonda, finish Greys and concentrate on this show, asap!


I wasn't shocked that Cyrus hired Charlie, but I was disheartened, especially as it came right after hearing his partner talk about adopting a fat, smushy baby. I don't really know how to feel about him. On one hand, he's amoral and corrupt, but on the other, he really does speak the truth most of the time (and his one liners and rants kill me), and I think what he's seen and experienced in life is what made him so cold, bitter, ruthless, etc.

I hope Fitz and Olivia kissing in full view of the cameras won't somehow come back to bite them; shouldn't working with Huck have made Olivia realize the danger presented by hackers?

Last thought--is anyone else irritated that Quinn pulled out the scissors? Why do people on tv always pull out the sharp object? I feel like it's implausible that nobody knows that it only makes the person lose blood much faster.


Okay, I'll say it since no one else seems to have notice how freaking AWESOME the president's wife really and truly is. That woman has balls the size of Denver! I loved when she said, "I'll be taking my husband back." In that instant we know that she has known from day one that he was cheating on her and you know what? She was so fine with it because she gets to be the President's wife and Olivia, well the Mistress. The look on Olivia's face was PRICELESS. Wow, wow, wow....who ever thought to create Melly is a genius. Oh and Huck is just off the chain insane. "Okay, whatever...." He said he'd find killing fun if he fell off the wagon and he was waaaay to eager to get rid of Billy. So crazy! More episodes! More, more, more!


Great finale. I suspected Cyrus of killing Amanda.


The only thing this episode had me questioning was the real identity of Quinn.


i suspected Cyrus had Amanda killed when he didn't seem surprised by her death and said he was glad she was dead. Even the President and Olivia suspected him. He is waaay too focused on maintaining his power, through the president, to not be capable of murder.


One more thing - what happened to the ROUND TABLE FOR THE LAST EPISODE. You better have a round table for this episode as well! I love reading those!


I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW BUT STILL DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I'm torn about wanting them to be together and Mellie has grown on me a little LOL! Doesn't Fitz realize that he has two women controlling his life. What does he want? Why does he always have to go with their wishes? I hope season two he grows some cahones and deal with them accordingly...LOLLLL!

Maybe the way Shonda writes her series will be one huge scandal with little scandals in between. Next season there will probably be a focus on Cyrus and this thing with Charlie. These problems don't go away Cyrus. They always come back to haunt you. Which also means that Liv will be back at the White House being in the presence of a much colder Fitz, who will ultimately grab and kiss her but won't be grovelling at her feet...:-)

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