The Finder Review: Find Your Way

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A recovered forgery, a father's dying wish and an Uncle's irreversible decision.

It's official: after only thirteen episode, we say goodbye to The Finder for good with this episode. The positive news is "The Boy With the Bucket" certainly made it worth while.

Walter Visits His Father

This was hands down my favorite episode of The Finder. It's a real shame that it was the last. After Fox released a list of its renewals, the world found out that this freshman show wasn't one of them.

Then it delivered a hard-hitting and emotional episode. The kind it could have been delivering every week.

Not only did we meet Walter's brother, but we learned about Walter's strained relationship with his father that stemmed from his brain injury. In the end, though, they found their way back to each other.

It would have been nice if his dad had just said he wanted to see him.

The fallout from Walter's search for his mother landed him in federal jail and Isabel lost her badge. That could have been avoided had Walter's father just been honest. I can't believe we'll never get to find out what happens next!

It was great to see Annette O'Toole back on the small screen. I know I haven't seen her anywhere that I can remember since the end of Smallville's decade run on the CW.

The same goes for Willa and Timo's story. Uncle Shad made it official, even starting sending out the invitations. It was really important to me that we find out what was so important about Willa and Timo getting married. Apparently it's because Willa is a good liar. Made you feel bad for Timo in a way. Even so, Willa struck out on her own. Where to, we'll never know.

Were you satisfied with The Finder's conclusion? Are you as saddened as I am that it won't be coming back?


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I loved this show. I even started rewatching the first episodes before the show was over!!


I don't get why all those nasty reality shows stay on and they cancel the great shows! The Finder and Awake were both good - bring em back!!!!!!!


Why cancel The one of the best shows on TV. You almost lost me after canceling Lie To Me but I remained true.
Now I find out we've lost another great show and you forced House to end prematurely because you couldn't reach an agreement about contracts.There's only Bones and Fringel left. If those two go, I'm done with Fox forever!


Bring back the Finder.....


I loved this show and watched it every chance I got. I got hulu plus specifically to watch it. Very dissapointed it got canceled.


Why sell The Finder to Australia when you are about to cancel it! I love this show. Fox make no sense and should really look into this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Every year it seems FOX cancels a show that would have made me a fan. Every year I say I'll never watch FOX again. I think this year the did it! I loved The Finder, Lie to Me, Tru Calling...just to name a few. Never again! I hope a smart network picks up The Finder!!


FOX - PLEASE RENEW "THE FINDER"! Best show, and cast on FOX!


Best show on FOX, one of the best on any stations for that matter, and FOX cancels it. Go figure!



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The Finder Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Reality is merely an illusion.


We found out way.