The Finder Review: Find Your Way

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A recovered forgery, a father's dying wish and an Uncle's irreversible decision.

It's official: after only thirteen episode, we say goodbye to The Finder for good with this episode. The positive news is "The Boy With the Bucket" certainly made it worth while.

Walter Visits His Father

This was hands down my favorite episode of The Finder. It's a real shame that it was the last. After Fox released a list of its renewals, the world found out that this freshman show wasn't one of them.

Then it delivered a hard-hitting and emotional episode. The kind it could have been delivering every week.

Not only did we meet Walter's brother, but we learned about Walter's strained relationship with his father that stemmed from his brain injury. In the end, though, they found their way back to each other.

It would have been nice if his dad had just said he wanted to see him.

The fallout from Walter's search for his mother landed him in federal jail and Isabel lost her badge. That could have been avoided had Walter's father just been honest. I can't believe we'll never get to find out what happens next!

It was great to see Annette O'Toole back on the small screen. I know I haven't seen her anywhere that I can remember since the end of Smallville's decade run on the CW.

The same goes for Willa and Timo's story. Uncle Shad made it official, even starting sending out the invitations. It was really important to me that we find out what was so important about Willa and Timo getting married. Apparently it's because Willa is a good liar. Made you feel bad for Timo in a way. Even so, Willa struck out on her own. Where to, we'll never know.

Were you satisfied with The Finder's conclusion? Are you as saddened as I am that it won't be coming back?


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I was shocked to hear they canceled the show. Fox cancelled Good Guys and Lie to Me. Fox continues to make bad decisions. Peraps USA or TNT will pick up The Finder. The show was well written, funny, sad and Geoff and Michael are super hot. Pls bring back the show - perhaps having it on Friday night was not a good decision. PLEASE SOMEONE PICK UP THE FINDER.


I'm glad that everyone is commenting on how great this show is and how much it sucks that it is being cancelled. I really hope that FOX changes their minds, or that another network picks it up. I'd really like to know why they cancelled it.


Another reason to switch to CBS. Fox cancels the great shows and keeps the reality crap. Hey Fox network I live in reality so why would I watch reality tv. So stupid!


I love the Finder! It was such a quirky and brilliant show. One that was serious and lighthearted at the same time. And the characters just grow on you. FOX has just been making one bad decision after another. And on a side note, I have watched Bones and it has been going downhill for awhile. I can say that I wholeheartedly like the Finder much better.


My husband and I and a few of the neighbors love this show. Please bring it back.


I agree! It's one of the VERY FEW shows I like to watch. Please consider another season or two or three of 'The Finder'


Just finished watching The Finder series on Hulu. Terrific show and now I find it's canceled. Wow, Fox. You couldn't find a slot for this great show. Cast worked well together and the stories were excellent. Fox, you blew it on this one. Some other network please pick up this show.




OMG! I am so mad they are canceling this show. It was the only one I liked on this stupid station. In fact it was the only thing I really looked forward to watching on TV. I am sad.


This show was several things for me: a family show that brought our family together, showed the value of not giving up, and the novelty of thinking differently than everybody else. As a family with a soldier with a traumatic brain injury sustained in Iraq it was nice to see a 'fellow veteran' on tv not portrayed as homeless, violent, or addicted to pills/alcohol. This show was amazing and brought a diverse set of individuals together to work seamlessly as a team. We watched every episode together as a family. The thought of canceling this to allow for more reality tv junk (which we do not watch but apparently the mindless masses of humanity do) is just sad. We need more family friendly shows with less violence. It's terribly sad that a network has no desire to deliver this. Way to go FOX. Looks like we are switching over to the CW.