The L.A. Complex Review: Hail to the King

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Some things were most definitely done on episode two of The L.A. Complex, from one aspiring actress landing a role, to one hopeful dancer getting her foot in the vodka-sponsored door and her mouth on the guy not from the Goonies to...

... oh, right, Andra Fuller being introduced as rapper Kaldrick King, Tariq's musical hero, new boss and gay lover.

Tariq and Kaldrick

Well, okay then!

I was actually fascinated by King long before the concluding shocker. Do Jay-Z or Kanye West have his kinds of problems? Probably, right? Seriously, I don't exactly pity 50 Cent, but it must be hard to base your reputation of getting shot multiple times many years ago... when you now roll with a security detail as large as the President's.

Is this why rappers make it rain at strip clubs? Why Lil Wayne saw his career take off when he went to prison? It's actually not difficult to imagine it being a challenge for wildly successful musicians to keep it "street." Look at Chris Brown. He pummeled Rihanna to a pulp and performed twice at the Grammys this year.

I can't pretend to know a thing about hip hop, but someone on The L.A. Complex writing staff must have experience in that world because the character of King has me unexpectedly curious about the artistic struggles of millionaire rappers.

As for the kiss, can't exactly say I saw it coming. Tariq clearly has daddy issues, so I figured this relationship would play out more akin to father and son than partner and partner. In the moment, it feels like nothing more than attempt to shock, but it's also far too early to judge. Let's at least give the show credit for spending a lot of time with these two prior to the lip lock.

I actually felt like I really was watching a relationship develop. I just didn't think it would be this kind of relationship.


  • Connor clearly has some kind of image problem, right? An eating disorder, perhaps? We watched him deal with stress on two occasions, both while exercising, the second, more stressful time, by exercising really hard. This seemingly perfect leading man most certainly could benefit from a fault or two.
  • Although Raquel would say he has plenty of faults. Cougar. Child. I'm dressed like a hooker! Loved the interaction between her and Connor, and am still loving Raquel overall. She manages to be both bitchy and sympathetic, an unusual combination for sure. Both she and King represent what makes The L.A. Complex stand out from other primetime soaps, the inside look at veterans in the industry.
  • But the show is not afraid to mock that industry, either, with Raquel's "Voodoo" comment regarding actresses getting pinned and Alicia's experience on the red carpet being deemed the "real world" by her interesting new friend. Do we trust this guy?
  • I still don't like Nick too much. His nervous nerd personality feels fake and forced. But I did laugh at his use of The Notebook. Seriously, EVERY female alive loves that film.

Unless ratings pick up considerably from last week's premiere, we won't be enjoying these characters for very long on The CW. And this episode actually made that disappointing for me. I'm enjoying the peek into both sides of Hollywood, the new and the old.

Come on, how can I not be into a show that has me wondering what a track by The Game based on The Buffett Rule would sound like? He must think it's so cruel! Yo!


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the show is HOT nothin wrong wit
KING and tariq look DAMN gOod togeTHA


Absolutely love Cassie Steele! And Chelan Simmons is no slouch either! I hardly recognized Cassie from her Degrassi High days. (Spoiler alert to those DVR/TIVO owners that have not seen it yet) Too bad she lost her job as a stripper in the second episode. That might have gotten very interesting. Very lovely women! Too bad the nudity is blurred though. At least our Canadian neighbors aren't prudes. You all can keep that gayness all to yourselves too, it's the hot chicks that keep me watching and wanting more. And you can keep the hippity hoppity stuff too! All that fire and street angst is so 20th century that it's mostly satirical and laughably dull. Sure, the real deals must go to prison or get shot in the gut to get the much needed street cred to make it in the business but that is just sad and pathetic. Doesn't talent, class and dignity have any street cred nowadays? Since when did acting like a pompous jackass, abusing women or going to jail become the new bling? All the gangsta crap reminds me of teenagers wanting to grow up too quickly so they can have fun like the adults. Only when they actually do grow up they realize that what they hoped for is all BS, so then they miss the good ole days when their lives were less complicated. Too bad the whole hip hop music scene is now just a caricature of its former greatness (i.e. the 1990's). Today's scene just seems like a reflection in a cracked funhouse mirror. The L.A. Complex is a great show about the entertainment industry, the dreams of wannabees, and the cruel reality of rejection versus acceptence and how it can be won or lost in the blink of an eye ... as seen through the eyes of a Canadian TV production team. But they might tell the story much better if the hip hop clichés were kept to a minimum. Then again, it's just my opinion, what's yours?


I KNEW THE KING WAS GAY. The casual touching, the forced masculinity, all of it! I just didn't think Tariq was. He seemed pretty straight. But it pretty much sealed the deal for me for King when he beat that fan for taking a pic of him when he had his hand on Tariq's shoulder.


Great show, I hope it does NOT get cancelled!


I've watched the first 6 episodes and been dying to see what happens on the 7th. The ending of the 6th episode will make you so mad if you love the relationship between Tariq and The King.


As King walked up to Tariq and he was like do something i'm like o snap it looks like they are about to kiss but even though I thought it I didn't think it was gonna happen! I haven't been that shocked in a long time. I thought if anything Tariq would turn out to be gay and take what King was saying the wrong way and screw things up for himself or worse get the crap beat out of him. Although I actually really like this idea because they both clearly have issues they can work through together I think that the road to happiness will be a long one for them. I think King being gay might be half the reason behind his issues so I think he is really gonna struggle with this. Loved all the other aspects of the episode too but I agree about Nick he is just the only character I can't get invested in. I was praying Abby wouldn't kiss him back and I'm glad things turned out thay way. Can't wait to learn more about these characters! I think the CW really needs to fight for this show.


i really like the relationship between tariq and the king.


I did not expect for that kiss to happen ive been thinking about it since lastnight the ending was so good i cant wait for it to come back on


Omg!!!! That's all I can really say. I did NOT see that ending coming! AT ALL! I'm stoked for the next episode, I can't wait to see what happens with the rapper and Tariq, oh man oh man!


I actually like this show so far and hope it doesn't get canceled.

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