Touch Review: Leap of Faith

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Last week's episode of Touch may have been a favorite, but "Tessellations" left me with more questions than answers. 

First, Abigail wasn't the only one surprised that Martin offered an olive branch. Just two weeks ago these two were at one another's throats, battling for custody of Jake, but suddenly they were bonding over his care. I don't doubt that they should work together for Jake's sake; I just didn't buy them getting there this quickly. 

That said, it's anyone's guess whether this shaky truce will stick or if Abigail will reinstate her custody suit as soon as Martin's back is turned.

Martin & Jake Meet Catherine

Next question: why was Avram putting the emphasis on the wrong words in his sentences? It's not quirky. It's just annoying and it's really starting to bug me. Sometimes his dialogue reminded me of bad voice over work and it distracted me from what he was trying to say.

I didn't really feel much of a pull towards the heist story line but I did wonder one thing: If Joey's wife couldn't afford her prescriptions, how could she afford the expensive chemicals and paper to develop her own film? 

And Joey certainly jumped into a life of crime rather quickly. He'd only gotten fired two weeks ago and was still collecting unemployment. I suppose he couldn't afford the insurance payments, which was the biggest issue, but the way he spoke in the beginning I would have thought he'd been out of work for months, not two weeks.

I had to give Martin credit in that he certainly has great faith when it comes to following Jake's numbers. As he said in this Touch quote:

 Sometimes in life you're just suppose to take a leap of faith and hope you land on your feet. | permalink

But he dove right into the middle of a heist. If he'd gotten caught he surely would have lost custody of Jake. That's a heck of a risk.

The Romeo and Juliet story in Palestine didn't make me feel the love the way I wish it had. I was more interested in the connection back to Avram and his interpretation of the numbers. So eights mean death but twos and fives mean love. Who knew?

Is the director helping Jake or simply using him? Is there really a giant corporation searching for the 36 righteous ones among autistic children and what's their end game? Does Abigail have any idea that her employer is using her nephew for some nefarious end? What happened to Amelia and is Jake susceptible to the same fate?

So many questions left unanswered. Hopefully the Touch two-hour season finale will give us some answers but we'll have to wait two more weeks to find out.


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I love Sutherland which is why I've stuck with it but this show just bores me to tears. I've given it a shot all season and I suppose I'll watch the finale but I can't imagine sticking with it for another season. Just not worth the time I've put in.


I Love This Show I'am so glad Fox renew it.

Beverly brooks

I find this show boring. I watched the first 3 episodes and now find I just don't care about it.


Please move this show to Wednesday? There is a strong conflict. Monday would also be a good night.


I love this show. Thanks, FOX, for renewing. It has been my experience the the most amazing shows are cancelled by FOX, i.e., The Finder, Amsterdam, Terra Nova, etc.


I love this show, though it has taken me a bit to warm up to it. The actors are fantastic, and the plot always goes in a direction that I never suspected. I'm not a huge Keifer Sutherland fan, either, (I LOVE his dad, though, who is still pretty sexy) but he plays the frustrated and overwrought dad so well, I just can't stop watching him. And the little boy who plays Jake is so beautiful, angelic, almost, that he totally steals every scene he's in. Gotta say that I love Avram, too, and I feel he's going to have a larger role in helping Martin and Jake in the future. He was the only one who Jake willingly touched, when he helped him pick up diamonds off the floor, remember? I enjoyed the star-crossed lovers storyline, too. I am thrilled that the season finale is still to come. I can hardly wait


Reviews on this site could be done by me. Just sayin


First, you missed the whole point of Martin's truce with Abigail. He just wants to keep Jake from being shipped off to another state. He told Clea he fully expects her to continue the custody battle. As for the photo equipment, she didn't know he lost his job and she easily could have a supply that would last more than two weeks at home . As for Avram, he has an accent. Martin does have total faith in Jake and he just went with it. That helped create a lot of tension, for sure. I thought that the love story was really interesting (the girl was Gorgeous) and that they did a really good job portraying how difficult such a relationship would be in Israel. The leap of ffaith the young man took by going to see the brother was huge. And then the phone call was really unexpected as was the outcome. Wow! So many questions were left unanswered because the will be resolved in t,he finale. That's what most shows do, the episode before the finale. This show isn't a mess, it's intriguing. I love putting the pieces together and I especially love the father son relationship. It is,however, a show you have to give full attention too, which makes it hard for many multitaskers to understand.


Can not believe they are bringing this mess back.

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