True Blood Preview: The Angel of Death

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The previous True Blood trailer for season five told viewers not to cry, this HBO smash was nearly back with new episodes.

But it may be difficult for Sookie to hold back her tears in the latest look at what's to come this summer, considering the accusation leveled against her by Lafayette: Sorry, girl, but you're the Angel of Death.

So states Sookie's pal as they seemingly dig a grave for Tara. But is she really dead? That question appears to be answered in the official descriptions for the first three True Blood episodes of the new season.

Follow the preceding link to read them and then watch the following new teaser. True Blood returns in all its bloody, naked, delicious glory on June 10.

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Awesome trailer! I think Tara will come back as a ghost. I think this because on the Waiting Sucks promo featuring Lafayette, Sookie and Alcide, Lala sounds more like Tara than himself. I see someone being possessed.


For peat's sake, they are burying Debbie's body!!! Not Tara's! Come on, they had to do something with Debbie's corpse! And I'll bet you any money that Tara goes to the hospital. It would be weird if Bill or Eric showed up to give Tara vamp blood, and apparently it takes edgington awhile to recoup (otherwise he might have saved Tara's life through a bargain with Sookie, and had some leverage over her in later eps). Lafayette is gonna get tipped off somehow that something is amiss, and show up to lend a hand. Obviously Alcide will show up the next day to inform Sookie about Edgington, and Eric and Bill will probably enlist Sookie's help in episode 3-5. There is a possibility of Tara going rogue in episode 2 (leaving Sookie and Lafayette busy trying to find/help her). That's my prediction for the first part of season 5 I could be wrong, but that's my prediction for the first portion of the season.


let the fangbanging begin!


IT's BACK! I can't wait...!

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