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True Blood Season 5 Photos: Meet the Authority!

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A day after releasing the first official poster for season five of True Blood, HBO has gone ahead and truly upped the stakes:

Ready to meet the much-talked about Authority?

Led by former SVU star Christopher Meloni, this stable of vampires will play a key role on season five, going up against the new alliance of Bill and Eric. And who comprises these ancient rule-makers?

Carolyn Hennesy, Peter Mensah, Lucy Griffiths (as Eric's sister, Nora, a double agent), Jacob Hopkins and Christopher Heyerdahl. All are pictured below. Click through now for a closer look at their vital season five characters:

  • Christopher Meloni on True Blood
  • Carolyn Hennesy on True Blood
  • Nora Northman
  • Peter Mensah on True Blood
  • Jacob Hopkins on True Blood

What do you think? Weigh in now and then visit our True Blood photo gallery, where more season five images await, including shots of Nora, Bill and Eric; along with looks at more new cast members:

Valentina Cervi as an ancient seductress named Salome and Scott Foley as Terry's Army pal, Patrick Devins.

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You write very well!


Chris Heyderthal AGAIN? Is there any sci fi/fantasy show he's not in? I love him as an actor but goodness me, he is something of a regular in these things.


Great that christopher meloni is on true blood.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alan Ball better not kill off Chris Meloni's character Roman. I have been looking forward to having him on the show long term.


I really hope Bill and Eric don't kill Christopher Meloni's character. :(


Welcome Chris Meloni!


Mmmm Christopher meloni!!!

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