TV Time Slot Showdown: Revenge vs. The Good Wife

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Two of the strongest women on television will be going head-to-head on Sunday nights this fall. Who will come out on top?

With ABC announcing that its 2012-2013 schedule will include a move by Revenge, fans of this thriller and CBS' The Good Wife will need to choose between the devious mind of Emily Thorne and the legal mind of Alicia Florrick.

Emily Thorne Picture
Awaiting a Verdict

Okay, in this age of DVR and On Demand, it won't be too challenging for most viewers to keep both shows in their lives. But one will need to come first every week on what's shaping up to be an intensely competitive night of programming.

Who will it be? Emily or Alicia? The Hamptons or Chicago? Murder schemes or murder cases? Vote now on the Sunday series you'll be watching live:

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Revenge will win out and it will be CBSs fault. They keep having The Good Wife delayed on Sunday night and fans are getting frustrated!


Revenge... It just gets more intriguing by the episode. And with a finale like that? NO CONTEST.
I'm pissed off with The Good Wife cuz the Will/Alicia thing was so fleeting almost like Dair. Plus they ALWAYS use the firm in jeopardy thing. Give em a break for once. I'll watch Revenge. ABC did a good thing by putting two of its better series that pulled a good audience separately together. Good lead in for 666. Which faces The (Snore) Mentalist.


REVENGE all the way my friend.


Revenge, no contest!

Jose t

As much as I still like the good wife, Its Revenge all the way for me! Its top 3 show of the week since it started! And the good wife its a hit or miss most of the times.....


I was torn because I loooove both shows! But I will watch Revenge live and Good wife after! Revenge is my new #1 show followed by Good wife #2 and #3 NCIS! Revenge revenge revenge!




The Good Wife all the way...because I will take smart, sexy Cary Agos over Jack Porter and/or Daniel Grayson ANY DAY.


Revenge all the way baby! I wonder what I'm gonna watch on wensdays now. I think it might pick up some viewers now that it's after once upon a time


I've mostly given up on Revenge, but even though I enjoy The Good Wife, it's got more chance of a 5th season for syndication compared to Revenge that needs another 4. However, I guess I could just alternate each week in attempt to keep both shows up.

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