Amy Sherman-Palladino (Sort Of) Addresses Diversity Criticism, Responds to Shonda Rhimes

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Last week, Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice/Scandal producer Shonda Rhimes called out Bunheads - and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino - for its lack of diversity, Tweeting to millions of followers:

Hey @abcfbunheads: really? You couldn't cast even ONE young dancer of color so I could feel good about my kid watching this show? NOT ONE?

Now, in response, Sherman-Palladino has sat down with Internet talk show Media Mayhem and addressed the casting controversy. Sort of.

For some reason, the host immediately flips the topic into female-on-female criticism, mostly glossing over the actual critique in favor of an agenda that makes it sounds like all women are stuck in middle school and can only be critical of each other out of jealousy.

Watch now and react to both Sherman-Palladino's reply ("I don't do message shows...") and the strange line of questioning:

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I understand Rhymes' opinion but I think she was really unprofessional about it. Especially when Bunheads just started and she has no idea where Amy is taking it or what other characters are going to pop up in the future.


Seriously Shonda? Seroiusly Amy? I don't really feel like giving my opinion but all I say is: BULLSHIT!


I can definitely see both sides of this argument, I just don't think that Shonda should be broadcasting it publicly. That's not professional at all.


I think it's completely fair for both women to have their own points of view. What I think is rather odd is how this came out as two women who couldn't support each other even though their shows are in no way each other's competition.


There are many dancers of color and not to depict at least one says a lot. It's her show true but according to the US census people of color are now the majority not one is visible in the cast.


I think every show creator is entiteled to do his or her show the way he or she wants and I find it ridiculous for others to say "Hey, where a the coloured or gay people" just to have "diversity". I really liked Bunheads and to be honest I didn't even really realize that there were only white people. Isn't it racism too to be offended that only white people star in a show? And why shouldn't Shonda's daughter feel good about the show? Isn't Shonda herself being racist with that comment, should it even make such a big difference. Sherman-Palladino told how she had to do the casting and I believe she just picked the girls who did the best job, I don't see what's wrong with that or why anyone should be criticized bc she ist doing her show like she wants to and Shonda herself is entitled to do her shows like she believes is right as well.


as much as i get it, but not everything has to be about how this and this segment of a population is treated. i hate racism and any sort of discrimination but you can't just force overly political correctness down people's throats!
it is becoming ridiculous how some shows cast a black guy just to have a black guy whether this character is needed or not because they are so freaking scared of seeming racist! how come no one screams that there wasn't any mention of homosexuality in 90% of procedurals. there is practically no effort made to bring out the horrid homophobia that exists towards gays in police/fire departments and such spheres. except The Shield and Southland, i don't know a cop show that has that. (not even the damn Rookie Blue with all its soap opera). why is nobody screaming that the show creators are homophobic??? Let's see a gay cop play a main or even a secondary role on prime time TV on a major network! no such luck!


the interviewer brought up the issue of women attacking women.


Shonda Rhimes asked a legitimate question. Her issue was with the diversity on the show. How did it become about women not supporting each other? Bunheads isn't even competing with any of Shonda's shows.


It's a stupid argument.... Shonda pointed out something real and i dont think that it has any relation with the creator being a woman or not...

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