Anger Management Review: Sorry, Charlie

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This will not be a very long review. I don't have much to say about Anger Management except this: I didn't laugh once. I cringed far more than I smiled, suffering through back-to-back episodes of painful jokes and obvious set-ups.

Then again, I've felt the same way every time I've watched a Two and a Half Men episode, so it's entirely possible that viewers who followed Charlie Sheen from CBS to FX are giving him a standing ovation right about now. I'd just love to hear why.

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As far as comeback vehicles go, Anger Management was probably the best Sheen could do. He plays a therapist trying to come to peace with his troubled past and learn from mistakes. The character allows him to almost apologize for real-life behavior on a weekly basis.

The best thing I can say about about the series is that, aside from the opening, it didn't force any meta jokes down our throat. The premise really takes care of that on its own. I would have turned off the television if there was a single line about "Tiger's blood."

Instead, it was one generic punch line after another, most based on sex and dating, with extreme examples of over-acting from everyone in Charlie's therapy group.

It's a very odd fit on FX, whose comedy leanings to date favor more edgier, far less conventional programs such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the incredible Louie.

Again, I just can't much about this sort of show. I'm a television fan whose favorite sitcoms are Parks and Recreation, Community and 30 Rock. There's not a lot of overlap between the humor on those programs and the jokes laid out here.

So I'll use this as a forum for Sheen fans to commiserate instead: What did you think of the Anger Management premiere?


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I wan't impressed. As soon as I heard a laugh track, I knew it was going to be a let down. You're absolutely right that the show doesn't belong on FX.


Loved it!! Love Charlie Sheen & show is great filled with all of his humor, witt & talent as a whole...... Can't wait for next week...... According to 'Variety', the show hit an all time high in viewership bringing in more than 5 million viewers! Kudos to Charlie!


I so agree with Onelife they made a huge mistake.


I watched the show but wasn't impressed. I was a huge two half fan until Charlie left I wish they just bring him back and give the fans of to and half what they want the Harpers back together.


Someone who's favorite show is community really shouldnt be rating this. Community is possibly the worst show out right now.


Loved It! No matter what he does he is a great actor. My boyfirend and I couldn't stop laughing.


I decided to give this a try, because I really liked Two and a Half Men, but this was just awful.
I'll give it 3 more episodes to see if I will watch it or not


I can't believe you're an actual reviewer. Boo to you ten times over. Any reviewer who doesn't like the original TAAHM knows nothing of comedy but probably likes the one with the ASShton Kutcher idiot. I think you need to get a real job!


This editor is clearly a complete douche. You expect oscar winning acting performances from a dirty comedy citcom on FX?? You may as well be complaining about lack of detail on the cartoon characters of Family Guy. If you didnt laugh once its clearly because you have some secret hatred towards Sheen. Either that or you're just plain dull. You're a tool, Matt Richenthal. Good luck finding something better to watch next Wednesday at 9pm. Maybe you can find better acting by watching Ghost Hunters. Before i clicked the link to this review I'd never heard of this site. I certainly hope your movie reviews aren't as terrible. Get to read about how Matty just LOVES the acting in Magic Mike and how he just cant get a connection to the charaters in Ted. Idiot.


I liked the show. I also thought that some of the editors were giving it a bad rap for Charlie's past dumb practices. The show had good chemistry for a pilot. Good show, Charlie!

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