Arrow Sneak Preview: Extended! Awesome!

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It's currently leading our poll for new CW show about which TV Fanatics are most excited.

And, having screened the pilot for Arrow, I can safely say: You've chosen wisely.

To further whet your appetite for the Stephen Amell-driven drama - which stars the actor as Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy presumed dead after a shipwreck, only to return to his loved ones and create a vigilante persona that aims to cure the ills of Starling City  - the network has released an extended trailer.

Sit back, watch the action now and remember: Arrow airs at 8 p.m. on Wednesday nights this fall.

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that arrow guy seems like a dick, where's the fun in watching something about a guy you can't root for?


Oh, it's also the cheapest "superhero" show to produce because there's little cgi - just a few arrows that fly through keyholes and knock out the bad guy just before he kills the Arrow's love interest... who he actually can't love because it would compromise him and put her in danger... which opens up gobs of opportunities for "I want you but can't be with you" speeches during the show... which is soooo romantic. After which he can go out and pound someone to relieve his "stress."


K, do you watch the CW? Every show is built on the premise that the American teenager is a conflicted, confused, put upon, misunderstood, sexually ravenous life form. This show will be 1/3 action, 1/3 teen angst and 1/3 soap opera. Why> Because some marketing genius at CW thinks you need all three elements so you can attract both men and women to the show. So yes he does ninja warrior shit, but he's also a billionaire who almost died on an island where he became both badass and sensitive. 6 episodes max.

Sarah silva

This show looks so great and Stephen Amell sure is sexy! I can not wait!


Awesome! My grade, based on the three avaliable traliers is A.


I think you are wrong Jas.


Was that Bane in the preview for like 2 seconds?
I'm not a comic book person.....does the Green Arrow go up against Bane?


It's the CW. By definition it's going to be a show about teen angst.


I like sci fi, action and hero shows, but that trailer sucked. What exactly is there to like? The shitty acting? The stolen premise? The cliches? Where exactly is Starling City? Outside of Bosie? Who gives a shit what happens in Starling City? And how crappy a bad guy must you be to go there instead of say New York, or Paris or some real city.


I agree w/Alexis. I hope the show will be good and focus on plots/action.