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Wow, who knew that being shipwrecked on an island suddeny gives you advanced Ninja Warrior, parkour, gymnastics and archery skills? Sweet. I am so going to go shipwreck myself. And how cool is it that he's a billionaire! And how unique. Never seen a crime fighting billionaire before. Or even heard of one. I can see what all the hype is about, I mean come one the guy can shoot tennis balls with his arrows... image what he must be like in bed! Watch out bad guys, this good guy should be around for at least 6 episodes before being cancelled.


Nice preview again! This seems to be a pretty awesome show.

Love the twist between Cassidy and Amell! he cheated with her sister who died on that boat! and her sister can be the real Black canary depending where the show will head!
AND Cassidy and Amell have clearly chemistry! I will be watching it! :D


OMG im TOTALLY gonna watch this!


Totally excited for this show, I just hope it's as good as it looks. A dark, badass action show would be right up my alley. On a shallow note, Stephen Amell is incredibly sexy... but his rugged looks and chiseled physique also mean he'll be believable as a superhero kicking ass.
Show, PLEASE be as awesome as you can be and focus on the plot and action, not the contrived love lives of your characters and pointless drama.


that's what you call a trailer! Super excited to see this show!

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