Ashley Tisdale to Portray Escort on Sons of Anarchy Season 5

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File this in the Casting News We Never Saw Coming Department...

Ashley Tisdale - an actress best known for kid-friendly turns in High School Musical and Hellcats - has signed on for multiple episodes of Sons of Anarchy Season 5. The 26-year old will portray an escort named Emma Jean who somehow gets involved with SAMCRO.

Sexy Savannah

Sons of Anarchy will return this fall with new episodes, focusing on the club under the rule of its new President, Mr. Jax Teller.

Billy Brown was also recently cast on the FX smash. He'll come on board as August Marks, the right-hand man of Harold Perrineau's Damon Pope. Elsewhere, Jimmy Smits will play the key role of an unlikely, dangerous mentor for Jax.

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I don't care what she is known for as a actress if I was a actor I would beg to be on this show I mean they have many actors on it that's already well known so its a grate cast to even be around and its already a grate show that brings in more and more new viewers and like someone else said Kurt wouldn't of picked someone that couldn't play the part right


I will never look at her the same. But in Sutter I trust..


Kurt Sutter doesn't play around with this show. If he cast an actress like Tisdale you better believe it's because she can play the part. Sutter is hardcore and SOA doesn't need the publicity Tisdale might bring so she has to be right for the part or else she wouldn't be there.




Oh baby :)


Cool can't wait for some Sons!!!!!

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