Emilie de Ravin Upped to Once Upon a Time Series Regular

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It's official: Once Upon a Time Season 2 will be more beautiful than ever before.

That's because Emilie de Ravin has been promoted to series regular status, confirms ABC. The former Lost star appeared on multiple Season 1 episode as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

The Return of Belle

The addition of de Ravin to the Once Upon a Time cast follows the same promotion for Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood). It also comes on the heels of the series announcing a pair of recurring Season 2 roles:

  1. "Anastasia," a princes willing to sacrifice her life of privilege for true love.
  2. "Magnolia," a tough Asian warrior.

Note the quotation marks around these names, as they are likely stand-ins for actual fairy tale characters the show is not prepared to reveal just yet.

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correction on my part A = Aurora (Anatasia)


A = Ariel "Anatasia"
M = Mulan "Magnolia"


WoW! Amazing! je vote Kocoum Eric et Phillip!Ce site est trop marrant fhcnarement!C'est archi bien fait! :Opar contre vive les prothe8ses dans le slip! vous nous faites les descendants de Rocco ou quoi?


I'm thinking probably Little Mermaid and Mulan. Not the real Anastasia and not Pocahontas because she wasn't a princess and was a real person too. What I'm excited about most is that Belle will be a regular now! Yippie! More Belle and Rumple!


Anastasia can't be the actual princess. One, because she's not a fairtale, and two, the movie version was Fox, not Disney. The copyrights a problem there. I think 'Anastasia' is Ariel, the little mermaid.
Magnolia...yeah. Probably Mulan. Can't think of any other Asian stories they would be throwing in there.


I Ca't wait to see Belle in ss 2. I really interesting in the love of Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. They event an interesting love story from Beauty and the Beast. I can't wait to see what happen for them in season 2. I want to see how Belle affect a bad person like Rumpelstiltskin and maybe love can change and lead him back to the good, back to a better ending.


magnolia = either Mulan, or meg from hercules....both r kinda the only (original) BAD ASS princess/ladies


Anastagia died at 17, she was murdered w her family in Russia in 1908ish


@L: Two problems with your Anastasia theory: 1) She was a real princess, not a fairytale character. 2) She never sacrificed her life for true love.


Yay! She's an interesting character so I cannot wait to see more of her story.

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