Jane By Design Review: A Fresh Start All Around

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A mother who abandoned you as a child returns, how do you react? Like Jane with open arms? Or like Ben with skepticism?

Jane's Mother Returns

For me, I would definitely have been more like Ben. While I enjoyed "The Second Chance" overall, I had a difficult time believing that Jane would be so welcoming of her mother. Their conversation on the way to school and their later snuggling seemed too familiar and chummy given their separation. Yes, Jane had questions, but her lack of any anger was difficult to believe.

I've mentioned in my reviews that since Jane By Design has returned there has been a more serious tone to the show. Given the addition of Eli and Zoe, have the writers decided they need to change up the characters too? Is Jeremy gone now? Plus, we haven't seen much of Lulu and now with Nick's shoulder injury will he also be sidelined?

I never thought I would say this, but I wouldn't miss Jeremy if he didn't return to Donovan Decker. Given Jane's age, Jeremy is just too old for her. Eli is older than Jane, but it would be workable for them to have a relationship.

The other reason is India. While she was upset that Jeremy revealed himself to Jane, it was probably the best thing for India. The smile on her face and her laughter while putting together the collection with Eli and Jane was a welcome surprise. India, in that moment, showed who she really was and could be. Going forward, I'd love to see that happy India continue to work with Eli and Jane. With the spiteful India gone, along with the lying mole Jeremy, Donovan Decker would be unstoppable.

The only hitch - Gray has to accept Jane's decision to give Jeremy the opportunity to turn himself in. Jane may have been naive, but she was trying to do the right thing. Gray's natural response probably will be to flip out, but I'd love to see her use this situation to mentor Jane.

Jane has grown to trust Gray and love her job, will her mother threaten that relationship and her work? While Gray and Kate got along at the party, I foresee a battle for Jane coming up and soon.

Odds and Ends

  • Very happy that Zoe's secret is out. She is good for Billy and having her financial situation hanging over them was not the way to start a relationship. Unlike with Lulu, Zoe seems to be someone that Billy could put before Jane. Though that surely will create problems with their friendship.
  • Way to go, Rita! I didn't think she had it in her to show up at the bar and definitely not to stand her ground with High School Barbie. Her decision to fight for Ben will shift the dynamic of their relationship and create a much healthier one.
  • Did Jeremy go running back to Beau? A fashion war with a real rivalry!
  • Pancakes. I never realized they could be so important, or funny.
Jane's mom: Any idea where I might find a spatula?
Ben: Here. We moved the utensils in 2008. You were probably stomping grapes in Tuscany.
Jane: He's, he's not really a morning person. | permalink
Ben: Fine. But, I'm not eating your pancakes, so stop pushing them.
Jane: He's not really an evening person either. | permalink


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How old is Jane? She just celebrated a birthday...


I miss jane n nick sooooo much!! they were adorable! i hope they get back together again :D


I disagree with you, Carla Day and R. Jane was welcoming to her mother because IT'S HER MOTHER. Yes, her mother did abandon her, but do not forget that Jane is a teenager, and a very sensible one too. She had a picture of her mother's wedding dress and even made a drawing based on that. She loves her mother and missed her very much. Jane wants to know her mother and I think her reaction was that she was torn. On one side, she wants answer and is mad, but on the other side, she terribly missed her mother and just want to be in her arm again. From what I understand, Jane doesn't remember her mother much and idolised her from pictures and stories (probably from her father). Jane's charater isn't one to throw tantrum and yell. She keeps her worries and problems to herself. Jane isn't a rebel. She just wants to please everyone. Ben was older and understood much more about what happened back then. I think he was also mad because their mother left her own responsibilities of being a parent and when their dad died, Ben had to give up college to come back and become a parent. He resents her because she left him with all the responsibilities of taking care of Jane.


I will always root for billy & jane (ps you should do a jane by design round table)


never mind....yours and mine by brooke annibale :))


whats the song in the end of the episode called???


Well - and maybe this is a spoiler, I don't know - but when Teri Hatcher signed on, she only signed on for a four-episode arc. So it's not like she's currently in the running to be a series regular? Though that could change down the line, but I hope not.


I totally agree....Jane was WAY too welcoming to her mother. The woman abandoned her 2 children for crying out loud! Something is up with her....either she has some illness or she's going to bolt again at some point. I just don't see Teri Hatcher staying on the show for a long time.
Yay Rita!!

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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Jane's mom: Any idea where I might find a spatula?
Ben: Here. We moved the utensils in 2008. You were probably stomping grapes in Tuscany.
Jane: He's, he's not really a morning person.

Jane's mom: Someone moved the mixing bowls.
Ben: Yeah, eight years ago.