Jane By Design Review: Surprises... Good and Bad!

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It was Jane's birthday this week - and an occasion for Ben's plan to fail, big time, on "The Surprise."

A couple episodes ago, Jane By Design did a homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off; this week it was Sixteen Candles, continuing the string of 1980s movie references throughout the series. Unfortunately, most of the teens who watch the show probably have not seen these classic movies. If you haven't, go find them, watch them and enjoy them.

Billy's Planning a Surprise

Unlike in Sixteen Candles, Ben and Billy have purposefully let Jane think they forgot about her birthday. That is never a good idea. Don't try that at home! It will likely end up worse that what happened to Jane. At least she got an incredible non-date for her special day.

The love quadrangle officially turned into the love pentagon with Gray's nephew, Eli, entering into the fray. If you thought that Nick or Jeremy were out of the race for Jane's heart, both proved they still care about her. Poor Nick. He clearly still has a thing for Jane, his arm is busted now and his (ex?) girlfriend Lulu is a witch. Can't the guy catch a break?

Then, there is Jeremy. He couldn't take the deception anymore and got drunk and revealed himself to Jane. What will Jane do with this information? In the winter finale, when he was outed as the mole, I assumed Jane would turn him in. But, now, I'm not sure. Jeremy's regret was heartfelt. Jane's not innocent given her secret, so I could see her covering for him. I actually hope she does and she partners with him against India. However, it could also be fun to see Jane partner up with India instead ... okay, maybe not.

No one is without a secret. Billy was damaged by Lulu and his issues with her upper class life has unwittingly created a divide between him and his new (girl)friend, Zoe. Hmm ... another 1980s movie theme. Pretty in Pink, anyone? Will Billy be able to overlook Zoe's financial situation and lie about her home? I hope so, because she has been good for him so far.

Jane's fake date with Eli ended up being an amazing day for her. What a roller coaster ride! She goes and has a fun time with Eli after Ben and Billy forget her birthday, then finds out it was an assignment to only then find out that he requested it! The kicker - he asks her on a real date. Erica Dasher has chemistry with all her male co-stars, which makes it difficult to not like Jane with her guy-of-the-moment.

Her crazy birthday ended with Ben showing up and apologizing for ruining her birthday. It may not have been a perfect birthday, but it is sure to be one she doesn't forget and that was before the unexpected guest arrival:

Jane's mother (Teri Hatcher) is back!


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I will always root for billy & jane (ps you should do a jane by design round table)


This episode was so good!!! At first i wanted jane and billy together but now i think that zoe and billy and jane and grays cousin are both super cute!!!!!


i lovedd the episode! i am a total Jane/Billy shipper but i think the writers should wait a while before they put them together; for now Jane should enjoy being with Eli, and Billy should enjoy being with Zoey. i like Eli and i like the chemitry between him and Jane and think they are cute together, the same goes for Billy and Zoey. i felt bad for Ben and Jane when with their mother's return. i completely understood bens reaction and his resentment. i think she has a lot of explaining to do before they forgive her (if they can). i think what Lulu did was unfair to Billy. one, its obvious things are different with billy now and im not completely sure he would put Jane before Zoey now but i think he would. i hope Zoey is able to keep him thinking shes not of the higher class society and even if she cant i hope that Billy can see that she is not Lulu and she is obviously different and down to earth and completely cares for billy and likes Jane.

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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I can't believe this. They fracking forgot my birthday.


Lulu: Hi. Just so you know, whoever you are, this little thing here with Billy, it isn't going to work out. Sorry to disappoint you.
Billy: Lulu, stop.
Lulu: No matter what he says to you, you should know, he's in love with his best friend. And that's never going to change. Good luck.