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Mad Men Season 6: Will Don Cheat?

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The look.

That's how Mad Men Season 5 concluded, with Don Draper alone at a bar, approached by a woman, asked about his status and no longer the happily married stranger he had been for most of the season to many viewers.

"When you see the face of Don at the end of the last episode, you say, "Oh, that's where that guy's been. I recognize him," Matthew Weiner tells TV Guide of where his drama left off.

Don Draper, Alone

But does this set-up guarantee Don's infidelity? Has he truly regressed to the role of cheating husband he played so well while married to Betty? Not necessarily.

"I think it's a fleeting glimpse," Weiner said. "I can't tell you where we're going, but I definitely think when you hear that question, Are you alone? it's not just, Are you going to start cheating on this woman? We've seen how faithful he's been."

Aside from Don's fidelity, the most pressing question many fans have revolves around Penny. Will we even see her on Season 6?

"Some people do leave the show, and I'm not guaranteeing that she will be there or be in that world as much. But when Don divorced Betty, I had all these questions of like, 'I guess [January Jones is] off the show," and I was like, 'She's raising his children. You don't think that he's going to have any relationship with her ever again?' ... Peggy is part of Don's life."

Read the full interview with Weiner and then respond below: What grade would you give Mad Men Season 5?


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Hehe...who wrote the article,I suppose you don't even watch mad men.who the hell is penny??could be you meant peggy lol


Do you even really watch Mad Men? It's PEGGY.


Don Draper, surprise the world, and have a male lover.


You say "Penny" in the article. Don't you mean "Peggy"?