Margarita Levieva Books Return to Revenge

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It's far from surprising, but it is official: Margarita Levieva will return to the Hamptons on Revenge Season 2.

The actress, originally booked as a short-term guest star, has signed a new deal with the ABC thriller that assures more scheming and plotting from the real Emily Thorne on at least seven of the show's first 14 episodes next year.

Margarita Levieva on Revenge

When we last left the fake Amanda, of course, she was sporting a sizable baby bump and claiming the baby belonged to Jack.

But creator Revenge Mike Kelley has already made it rather clear that fans should be asking many questions about Amanda's state, telling TV Line in May:

“When we reveal where Amanda’s been and what exactly has happened in the interim and what her reason is for coming back, it’s going to be another big Revenge surprise.”

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I agree Emily and Jack together boring... Amanda needs to go far away! She's gross!
Can't wait for the new season!


Can't wait for day / moment when Emily (real Amanda) and Jack get together. Love them both.


Jack and Amanda make a very boring couple.No sparks,they are like an old married couple.I wish she had appeared to be a flamboyant, classy,calculating fashionable bitch.


Help me understand!! Emily Thorne is really the Amanda Clark (the one engaged to daniel)
and pregnant amanda is the real emily thorne.
They switched identities in juvie right??


agree with @Kol(Devil in Disguise)-Dande


NO... I want to see something happen between Jack and Emily(Amanda). Also, looking forward to the day the real Amanda takes her name back.


I hate her.


She's probably not pregnant, it's her and Takeda trying to keep Ems on track?


i agree with Kol.


She and Jack make a great pair because they both boring.

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