NCIS: Los Angeles Boss To Fans: Trust Hetty!

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The shocking conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 left the fate of beloved boss Hetty (Linda Hunt) up in the air for a second consecutive year, but how worried should fans of the diminutive shot-caller be?

In the closing minutes of "Sans Voir," Hetty announced she was resigning in the wake of Callen shooting the Chemeleon, apparently to be replaced by Miguel Ferrer's Assistant Director Granger.

This sparked obvious concerns similar to the year before - when Season 2 ended with Hetty in a precarious position in Romania - regarding Hunt's future with the show. Is she really leaving?

Creator and executive producer Shane Brennan tells TV Guide the following:

Lange, H., Pic

"If there's one thing fans of the enigmatic Hetty Lange should know by now, she marches to her own drumbeat ... her resignation was shocking, but everything Hetty does, she does for a reason."

"Her fans are just going to have to trust her on this one. I can promise that fans will see Hetty in the opening episode Season 4, doing something that she does better than anyone else."

From his days running NCIS, Brennan has mastered the art of saying nothing at all, yet somehow making us even more intrigued. What he means by the above quotes gives us ample room for speculation.

Will Hetty be back, and how? What consequences will Callen face? Comment below!

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We are always behind episodes in Africa so I don't really know what goes on now but PLEASE don't let Hetty go, or anyone in the team for that matter. If Hetty goes I will not watch anymore even though I love the whole bunch.


If Hunt wants to leave for her own purposes, that is one thing. If the character is dropped that would be a really dumb move. Almost as dumb as losing Ziva on NCIS!


I would miss Hetty so much. She is the ribbon that ties this team together,I don't believe they could trust anyone else as they do Hetty. I CAN'T STAND GRANGER!!!!!!! He has GOT to go. Surely they can find someone who has an emotion every now and then. What was wrong with Hetty being in charge of her team? Please do not let Hetty leave!!!!


Callen is going undercover. That is my guess, he is too important to the show to let go now!


Lolwhat? Hettys fate up in air? She quit. Callens is more serious.


I hope that Granger was involved with the chameleon, I can't stand him. I am not sure how they are going to get Callen out of this one. It would be kind of hard to be an undercover agent when you have shot someone in front of the media. If Callen and/or Hetty don't come back, there will be no reason for me to watch anymore. Please get rid of Granger, he just doesn't fit in.




I agree with Floyd G! I also agree with "NCIS and LA FAN", bringing Jenny back from the dead would be great for NCIS.


Wow!! Great ending to season 3 but we need a love interest for G. And maybe a sister that is alive and well working for CIA. Hetty has to come clean about G's past. Can't wait for Season 4.


Something to ponder::
Did you actually see blood from The Chemelion when Callan shot him,why just 2 cops there, and is The Chemelion really dead??
Hetty and Callan are out to get Granger!!!

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Kensi: Because once again you're trying to say something without actually saying it. And it's driving me nuts.
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