Penn Badgley Really Looks Like This Now

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Penn Badgley vows he will not look like this come Gossip Girl Season 6.

Somehow we doubt Dan Humphrey fans will be too disappointed there.

The actor, 25, showed off his bushy beard during COACH's summer party at The Highline in NYC June 19, but admitted to New York Magazine's Vulture he's "probably going to shave it in about a week."

Penn Beard

The reason Badgley grew it in the first place, he said, was that it gave him "a chance to try" a new look. "I've never really had the opportunity to grow one ... because of work. And I know everybody hates it."

His words, not ours.

When Badgley spoke to Us Weekly at the star-studded bash, he said his look is "always changing," just not on camera. He adds, "I actually looked like this a year ago, but nobody saw it, and then I had to shave."

With Gossip Girl ending its six season run this fall, Badgley says, "It'll be bittersweet. I'm sure we all want to go on to ... not bigger things, but different things. It will be a complicated feeling of ambivalence."

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no matter what this guy does... I still think he's cute (Ever see john Tucker must die?) but his beard here looks REALLY bushy. he would look way better if he trims it a little. I think he would look really cute with a Van Dyke type beard

Elise of the upper east side

cat, haha I know I thought the S5 hair couldn't be topped. ew ew ew


and I thought it couldn't get worse.. stupid me


I need to stare at some wounds now.


I totally dig it, he is a complete hipster now! I like it.


And some of the people here wanted Serena to ended up with his character? Ugh! SERENATE all the way! I don't care to the analogy of others particularly of derena fans.


I think the thing we're all ignoring is that his hair is actually cut! lol

Elise of the upper east side

ew so much hair :P Gross.


Ewwww. That is gross.


Wow, he looks like my former Italian teacher! It's a shame that he is 60 and Penn is 26... Geez, I thought that with his mop-head he was ugly, but now I can't even look at him! He really makes me laugh! I just hope that he won't look like this on GG...

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