Scandal Casting Scoop: Who's Out? Who's In?

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We've got news on a casting shake-up on ABC's Scandal.

Henry Ian Cusick - forever known to Lost fans as Demond Hume, but Pope & Associates employee Stephen Finch on this Shonda Rhimes drama - will not be returning to the show for its second season. The Hollywood Reporter says Cusick and Rhimes agreed to part ways on amicable terms.

Henry Ian Cusick on Scandal

Joshua Malina, meanwhile, who was only listed a recurring player on season one despite appearing in all seven episodes, has been upgraded to Scandal series regular. He plays attorney David Rosen.

Scandal was renewed in May and will air on Thursday nights this fall, following Grey's Anatomy and new drama Last Resort.

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First of all I think changing a main character like Olivia would kill the show. And I think Kerry does a good job, I also think she is able to display her emotions very well. IMO Olivia is very much in love, but the scene on the sofa was one of the most emotional ones. It was so cute and told so much. To be scared does not make you weak.


I just watched the epi 2~7th tonight,the scandal team is good ( much better than PP),including director,writer,co-actor(Cyrus,1st lady ,Billy,Vice-president, David...)
why the ratings' not so good, the main reason is the leading actress isn't compelling ,sorry, Shonda should find out someone else to represent Olivia ASAP
Olivia should look like not only pretty and sex but smart,capable,full of courage, I don't see her love Fiz that much, her acting skill???
if no GA fans support,the ratings could be worse!
I provide the opinion;
1> Kate's going to leave PP, let her take it
2> cut off Ari in GA,Jessica has fan base and looks smarter
3> make Kim Raver try ( she's good as politician role in 24 )


noooo, I liked it that he had a thing with Abby


Well, I did not know the actor before (but it is the same with all the others…); from that you can guess I never watched Lost. Uh, that is not correct I did watch the very first episode a couple of weeks ago, but I can not remember if Cusik was a part of it.
I am not so happy with him leaving, not because he is leaving, but the way he is. I hate it when people simply disappear on a show lie they have never existed and this goes for anybody if I like them or not.
We had only 7 episodes so far, so my hope is they come up with a good explanation, if they do it right it will not harm the show, this would go for all of Olivia's Team so far, with an exception of Quinn because of the character set up in the last episodes.
I also saw several interviews with the scandal crew but never one with Cusik…..


I have no problem with Cusick leaving. Because of the show's premise, Tony Goldwyn has the spot of leading man locked up. It would be difficult for Cusick to get the major airtime that I am sure that he expected because he has a bigger name than Goldwyn, especially since there might be only 13 episodes next season. Good decision to make Malina a regular. He is an amazingly good actor who will shine in a strong supporting role. He did the same on The West Wing.


i am so called bitchin about it and i am not a LOST fan, i haven't watched LOST past S1


While I do like Henry, his character was the least interesting on the show. Yes there was something there with his relations with Abby and Liv but at the end of day he was really just white noise, I have to say I am bit bum but the show only got like 3 extra episodes so I am not sure if we would have delve into his character any further any way.
Also as long Columbus Short (the real eye candy) and Huck don't leave I am cool. Also as long as Tony Goldwyn stays put all is right in Scandal world.
The only people I see bitching is LOST fans get over it, his character can be easily replaced.


Henry Cusik should have at least returned for the second season premiere and get killed off... if he's walking away from the show the least he could have done is walked away with a bang to make it the best possible season 2 premiere it could be! and its a win win for everyone (shonda, Cusik, Fans/audience, the show itself and ABC!)


I think this sucks. Although the character wasn't highlighted so much over the course of the seven episodes, from the Pilot alone you saw that they were building something between him and Abby. And I think he has a different understanding or relationship with Olivia. As if he knows what really went on between her and the President. Among all the members of the team, I thought he and Olivia were the ones that knew the most about each other. Glad for Joshua Malina but this losing Stephen is a big loss in my opinion.


But I was enjoying the chemistry between him and Abby. This is a stupid mistake. I like David and am glad he is joining the cast, but I'm so mad still. Henry Ian Cusick was a reason I tuned in. What's with Shonda and her cast lately?

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